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Altro/ alt-ro, (adj.) alternative & retro = balancing modern & classic views

Altro’s Philosophy: The indie, small ‘mom and pop’ businesses continue to be the true heroes and ‘beacons in the storm’ of the constant pelting of propaganda and corporate greed that never seems to let up in our lives. These unique and independent (‘indie’) businesses are the foundation of our economy. From the beginning of free market enterprise to the tragic 2020 pandemic that brought our focus into a sharper 2020 vision, they continue to show us the light out of the darkness by inventing and rebuilding what they’ve lost and still lose over time. The loyal locals will help also as we all chip in to support these businesses by purchasing from them or by donating to them. See story below..

Welcome To Our Consumer Magazine

In a post-Covid world, we must learn from this crisis and continue reinventing ourselves and reconnect with our independent business community, where we focus on the unique perspectives of the local market. We have too much to still share where independent businesses are very ‘ESSENTIAL’- despite what many so-called 'leaders' have told us since 2020…

Decor Tips From Local Stunning B&B’s

If you're someone who tends to settle for your ENTIRE home being done in all muted or earth-tone colors, and you're looking for a way out of the plain-Jane rut to venture into being more diverse and eclectic, you may love these looks – depending on your space and taste. Some of the best ideas for leveling up your earth-tone motif or for bringing in a wildly fun splash of color to your home are easier to put together than you may think. Enjoy!

Reader feedback about travel for 2022-2023

Many of our readers want more travel info that lets them in on what is new and adventurous about regional landmarks and historical sites, unique and peaceful getaways, and lovely small towns and “homey villages”, so comfy b and b’s, one-of-a-kind gift shops, cafes, diners and antique stores all around our Tri-state are getting ready to come your way in 2023!

How Your Alexa or Siri is Spying on You…What Does This Mean For Your Future?

Heads up on facts: No longer a 'conspiracy theory' as this news turned out to be proven true in more ways than one! Here is Part I of a series we started many years ago and are now continuing with some updates on how a 'live house' talks to you. But let us ask you first – do you think your home needs to be conscious’?

Hocking Hills Adventures (Logan OH getaways/ vacations)

Trek on out to lovely bucolic Hocking Hills for your fun family adventures this year. The lovely bucolic part of country in Logan, Ohio, is home to many great tourist attractions and fun getaways from your everyday life. There are bungalows and cabins where you can get cozy-comfy, so pack up that suitcase, and let's get going!

Grass-fed Beef or GMO-grain fed?

Grass-fed beef: the best or too tough? There are many things to consider when buying the healthier cuts of animal protein. Some of it is contingent upon taste and preference and some of it is health-relevant. You know your own personal needs and how your body talks to you. As an independent, savvy consumer who believes in educating yourself, you get to decide…

Cooking and Playing in Italy

Learning to cook Italian cuisine while vacationing in Italy?  Yes, and there are many other things you can ‘cook up’ for pleasure and entertainment as well!

Is Your Boss Earning His or Her Pay?

Recognizing the traits it takes to be the big boss: Is there a difference between leadership and management ?

Fun, Fancy Salads!

Those Altro P Magazine readers who are always looking for cool and unique dishes should discover the classic Thai beef salad yum nuar. It’s great in the summer, but works well in the transition months as well, while we go from cold to warm or warm to cool. In the winter, this dish is great to pair with a warm bowl of soup and in summer, it's great to pair with a cup of fruit.


With all of the various ways to communicate now, is it any wonder we have lost our footing when we write each other in this digital age?  No worries though – take these tips and you should be passing the texting test!

ALTRO-RICH: You may have heard of old money or nouvea riche. In this special section, we celebrate ‘wisdom wealth’ with ‘altro-rich’! Something old, something new and repurposing or rediscovering a past idea to improve it. 

Listen to some good ‘ole music, eat new and clean local foods, and level up an old-school idea in your private sanctuary…

Saluting & Supporting Local, Indie Farmers!

There are still many organic farmers’ markets left that Bill Gates didn’t get his greedy hands on! Peruse this resource guide to a farmer’s market near you and help us salute and celebrate grass-roots indie farmers…

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Cincinnati’s Rich Music History: Local Record Company Was Crowned a King Once Upon a Time…

There’s a King we honor here in Cincinnati’s music scene and this homage takes us back to solid talent before autotune machines took over!


Turn Your Old Tub Into a More Modernized Escape Zone

It takes more than air freshener to make a bathroom fresh! If you wish to transform an old tub into something more modern, trade your ‘blah’ for this new chic, sleek ‘wow’ model. This could be that ‘fresh’ update you want!

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