The elegant and stylish Anna Bey and her classy, sophisticated fashion tips and advice are very timeless and glamorous in a beautiful, yet practical way. Ladies who wish to level up more, this fashion section we are happy to bring you can help you in limitless ways. Enjoy!

Following Anna’s Footsteps

On what shoes to wear and not wear, that is the question! This is Anna’s do’s and don’ts in footwear…

What female isn’t crazy about shoes? But is she as savvy about which shoes fit her best beyond size alone? Blindly buying some shoes because they’re ‘cute’ or ‘on sale’ probably isn’t a good enough reason to justify your investment.

According to certain factors like your height, style, and wardrobe choices, a good pair of shoes that complement your overall look and personality can be everything. Following in Anna’s footsteps in this manner would be the best way to be inspired by her, (instead of copying her identically).

Possessing enough impeccable fashion-forward wisdom to walk forward with is even more important than wearing the shoes themselves as it’s not only what you wear – there’s also how you wear it! There is “owning a pair” (courage, shoes) and there is owning the walk, the grace, the true essence of femininity.

What all well-heeled ladies need to know:

Being More Responsible With Our Physical Language

In the many languages we have to sometimes communicate with, it’s important not to forget about the body’s language, as it conveys all kinds of subtle signals and silent messages. There is a lot to understand about the invisible world but as with all other forms of language, we can’t enjoy or fully appreciate the freedom to express it unless we study it a bit more.

Here, Anna teaches us more about body language and how to use it the right way with effortless class. This is a way of working smarter instead of harder and being more perceptive rather than distracted when attracting the right kind of attention is the goal:

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