This section is dedicated to unique artists who have a fresh way of articulating themselves and/or who create hand-crafted or homemade items which are not typically mass-produced. This area includes indie as well as some famous artists and entertainers who have something interesting or profound to say beyond the perfunctory, typical status-quo of the day. They offer more subtance than style alone and we can learn from them as well as be entertained by them.

Also, the best and latest in fashion can be found here. Whatever is unique that makes us all look like the individuals we are instead of like boring, banal, copy-catter/cookie-cutter hipsters, we are happy to be bringing you that info! The brightest, most independent designers and models will be showcased here. Photos and/or videos of fashion shows and runway shows will be making appearances here, so keep in touch. If you know a unique designer or model, let us know over at the CONTACT US page!

Escape & Pleasure Reading

Global Entertainers / Artists

Fashion & Beauty

Local or Indie Entertainers / Artists

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