Thanks for your interest in escape and pleasure reading. We must have the escape stuff too or we lose our sanity! This section will be reserved for fiction/short stories, poetry, book reviews and book excerpts. The authors will be local, global, famous and not famous – because we know that art is art and good writing is good writing – regardless of where it comes from or who the writer is.

This selection of work we display here is based on merit as it should be – not any identity politics or social politics. If you would like to offer any suggestions for this department, please send them to our CONTACT US page and we will consider them.

This area is still under development in our new updated site. Please check back later to see what we are adding here as we have A LOT to upload and unpack here so thank you for your patience.

A Haunting

Escape to a little pleasure reading with some of our poetry. In this narrative poem, we try to reconsider what a haunting really is. Young hearts and old hearths can flame and burn alike, but at what cost?

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