Altro P’s Editor-in-Chief, Kaitlyn Karol, enjoys being creative and works as an artist in many areas. But beyond what most people know about the word ‘artist’ or what they think ‘creative’ means, Kaitlyn says it’s not what you do, but what you do with it! “Being an artist of any type, you must explore it all to the fullest extent,” she has said, “and that means not letting fear hold you back. You have to get out there and take risks, despite what others say or how many times you get rejected or canceled in our lovely cancel culture we live in now.”

It’s obvious on many levels that this magazine editor loves, adores one thing above all else: ADVENTURE! And she keeps proving that you don’t have to travel very far either to do it, as most people think you must be well-traveled to live a life of ‘adventure’ but that’s just not true. Kaitlyn has proven that you can do a lot by mostly moving around your own Tri-sate area.

She is the Founder/ Creator, Chief Writer and Publisher, Editor, as well as Art Director of Altro Perspectives Magazine. She also has been in charge of its Sales/ Marketing. She grew the magazine from scratch which was an outgrowth of some of her past print newsletters and ‘street/ fan zines’ from the turn of the century, (2000) that later morphed into online publishing mediums such as ‘Loyal Locals’, ‘Ask a Pro’, and other ‘Altro’ publications she created after she coined the word, ‘altro’.

Kaitlyn Karol, (known to some as the less formal ‘Katie’) has been pursuing and working in the publishing field as well as other media ventures where she succeeded in the area of ad sales/marketing/ communications as well as journalism. On the side, she succeeded with what she calls ‘hobby-jobs’ in the arts and entertainment field since the age of 15 when she was cast in a lead role for a college student’s film that aired on public access TV. She also wrote, location-scouted, produced, co-directed and performed in her own production for public access TV that took three years to create. She says of the experience, it was a “free film school education.”

As an assistant editor and guest editor for other magazines and newspapers, before she started her own publication, Kaitlyn started out working in her hometown of Northern Kentucky as a freelance journalist and independent reporter immediately following high school. Her portfolio consists of many articles and some essays/op-ed pieces. She also wrote a lot of film reviews but focused on music journalism where she did reviews of albums and shows/concerts, as well as interviewed local and famous bands.

She also wrote a lot of local, ‘splice-of-life’ stories which she contributed to publications such as, The Recorder Newspapers, The Dixie News, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Kentucky Post, Enlightenments, Everybody’s News, and the edgy-artsy Animal Eye to name only a few. Her first freelance writing assignment coupled with the ambition she put forth as ad sales manager for The Latonian led to her becoming the newspaper’s assistant editor within two months after being hired. From that time forward, she became primarily known as a writer/editor/ researcher above all else.

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