By Kaitlyn Karol

Do you think your home needs to be ‘conscious’? Big tech and big government sure think so!

Your own personal home devices of A. I’s ‘oracles’ like Alexa or Siri are being designed to control your life and steal your privacy and independence. Now is the time to awaken from any fantasies you may have of convenience or if you think using these systems to ‘find lost keys’ is the real purpose for them…

Before you see this video, let’s go back for a second to when you first got on a computer. Recall the cute little Bonzi bear that waved at you as your screen saver? He was so “cute.” The “bear next door!” Naive people didn’t realize ‘he’ was actually SPYware! Just like Bonzi, the talk boxes/ talk bots of Echo, Siri and Alexa and their various counterparts are also spy systems brought to us via Vault 7’s CIA program, where our own federal government has been spying on its citizens. Make no mistake about it, these Artificially Intelligent (AI) ‘oracles’ – or AI bugs – are a road to supreme danger.

There’s been too much scientific AND literal proof in this latest tech revolution that tells us this is not only a violation of our privacy but a colossal violation of our human rights. This new trend is nothing more than a red flag to be warned about as it is extreme invasiveness of the mind, which is what it is made for – not for helping “locate your lost keys” as it was first marketed.

Our REAL human power fades into the background the more ARTIFICIAL 'intelligence' takes over our lives....when is enough really ENOUGH?


Indoctrinating our kids by relying on the limited sound-bytes of these talk-bots not only dumbs them down by losing the nuance in language, but it causes our REAL human intelligence to fade into the background the more we allow ARTIFICIAL ‘intelligence’ to take over

These machines are auto-powered also so if you turn it off, many of these newest models will turn themselves back to the ‘on’ mode but many consumers are still unaware of this. Some consumers are reporting that when they wake up in the middle of the night, they hear their vocal oracle box laughing at them with a “creepy witch laugh” and this is happening AFTER they turned OFF the machine. Subliminal technology is no stranger to us though; if you know how subliminal music is often used in the grocery stores that signal us to ‘slow down and buy more food’, then you are already educated about how the psychology works behind these government-operated ‘programs’.


Obviously, these oracle-bots are part of this new operation of mind control, through a more subtle, yet more comprehensive and more mainstream reach than anything you may have known about with MK Ultra, which if you’re familiar with that, was a mind control ‘oracle’, if you will, that sadists used as a mind manipulation method. America adopted this mind-rape program from Germany in the 1940’s following WW II that was introduced to American scientists through the CIA operation known as ‘Operation Paperclip’. (As a side note, Annie Jacobson’s book covers this topic brilliantly, so those still learning about MKU or the social engineering of globalists, please educate yourself and buy this book).

MK Ultra was first employed to secure info from our enemies (POW’s) in war and then later, was used against our most easily influenced citizens who were either weak or considered they had something to prove: the military, our prisoners, our college students and the mentally ill in psych wards to name a few targeted groups and vulnerable demographics.  After so many years of this abuse, the mind control program had its day in court, although MK Ultra is still alive and well but has went underground, used under different names. But that ‘behavior modification program’ and its success as a controlling tool that was leveled against humanity was only the beginning.

Those in the know that are well-read and understand their history and are currently witnessing the Youtubers who are being demonetized and ‘shadow banned’ are already aware that Google is censoring our online videos as it is, but now it’s time to really become savvy about how the big tech companies are bringing ‘soft communism’ to the world through these evil and globalist technologies.

Here below in this video, Melissa of ‘Truthstream Media’ informs us further. Educate yourself before you lose any more of your privacy and rights: 

This YT channel that produced the video above is one of the highest recommendations I could ever offer my readers. Fellow indie journalists that live up to the name as ‘proactive journalists’ as well, these two are highly intelligent reporters with the most excellent research skills. The integrity of real news is what you discover with the husband and wife reporting team of Aaron and Melissa Dykes. They put a lot of quality time and incredible effort into their deep-dive research and we here at this magazine appreciate all they do for our country and culture.

  • STAY TUNED for Part II, coming soon…
  • What’s Ahead/ Story Overview: In Part II of this story series, we will illustrate how these talk-bots are also framing people for crimes. Find out how to protect your family from the unwarranted removal of your spouse or kids by the CPS due to how these spyware devices are listening to your conversations and hyping them as ‘verbally abusive’ or ‘hate speech’ in order to create false domestic crimes against you.
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