Welcome to the updated, new website version of our latest online consumer magazine, Altro Perspectives! We are quite happy to be able to continue serving the community and around the web after a successful period of over fifteen years. We now have a more robust, more streamlined website that readers will appreciate better – as we included new departments that we were encouraged by advice we took from our loyal readers who filled out surveys to share with us their ideas. Even after the changes as well as the emergenices and setbacks and all kinds of other interesting lessons learned over time, we still find this publishing business exciting and well worth all the wild drama it took to get here!

We thank our readers for inspiring us to change and expand, and helping us to continue to grow. We have something for everyone of every walk of life here at Altro Perspectives where we are one of the few media outlets left who bring you fresh journalism focused on the consumers’ needs and issues and we take great care to consider them, with integrity and purpose. 

Here at Altro P Magazine, we are intent on illustrating as well as helping to contribute to shaping, and even influencing culture and subculture, proving the world smaller and more accessible than ever, through the right serio-comic, dual-dynamic approach, via the wondrous connecting of the world wide web.

From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Venice Rialto Bridge, we do all we can to bridge the gap between rich and poor, local and international, young and old, black and white, classic and modern, alternative and retro – honoring history and blazing new trails for the future as we aim to serve, amuse, enlighten and expand the consciousness as well as the world wide web itself.  By embracing various, diverse, and deeper, multi-colored perspectives, we keep our focus by keeping it all in perspective!

Alternative & Retro, Classic & Modern – Where media aims higher for the truth and honors duality; where new meets old in a balanced perspective

Altro is a hybrid word the editor, Kaitlyn Karol, coined back in 1999 when she published her first newsletter on alternative music and alternative health.The prefix ‘alt’ meaning of course, ‘alternative’, or what is innovative, fresh, original, cutting-edge. The suffix of the word, ‘tro’ relates to all that is retro, nostalgic, historical, vintage, traditional or as many like to say, ‘old school.’

There are some things left in the world that need to be honored for their heritage and even many young people see this to be true. For example, take the dating game: We live now in a sped-up, desperate time where romance and chivalry is more dead than alive through the impersonal ways of connecting – too much ‘speed dating’ booths, too much harsh judgment being passed from only someone’s photo in an online dating site or we’re too fast to ‘swipe left or right’ in capricious dating apps like Tinder.  

In short, we have lost our focus on many levels, distracted by Hollywood fame or online popularity and of course, the God so many worship – money – instead of art and craft, detoured by settling for mediocrity instead of celebrating a higher standard of meritocracy.

But when the focus on quality is revitalized, we can return to the more familiar ways, the ‘old-fashioned’ ways of courting one another (whether this be in personal or professional relationships). Women do long for roses and respect and men do wish to pursue and not be chased.  We’ve lost touch with this old-world charm that stems from simple common sense and human biology. Depsite what we claim we believe in this post-post modern world, after 9-11 and Trump and Covid, deep down, we all crave to embrace the much wiser perspective  and it’s time to hop on THAT bandwagon but first we gotta hop off the conformist/ communist hipster train!

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