Many of our readers want more travel info that lets them in on what is new and adventurous about regional landmarks and historical sites, unique and peaceful getaways, and lovely small towns and “homey villages”, so comfy b and b’s, one-of-a-kind gift shops, cafes, diners and antique stores all around our Tri-state are getting ready to come your way in 2023!


From the desk of editor, Kaitlyn Karol


Recent e-mail from some of our readers made me realize I needed to follow much of their suggestions when we asked them about travel ideas for the upcoming year. For each section of the magazine, we always ask our readers, ‘what would you like to see more of or know more about when it comes to health, travel, entertainment, food and recipes’, etc., and this is a lot of the feedback we received just in the last two months. These letters below to us alone summed up the overall vibe of what’s on our readers’ minds when it comes to the all-important topic of travel…


We all need to get away sometimes for relaxation -esp since all the Covid insanity! We just need to change the atmosphere around us. But where to go in 2022? Hmmm….some readers offer their ideas…

“Hello dear editor: We would like to see more options for winter-getaway places like ski lodges and places that are sunny too – ski and/or sun – my family likes to head to places like Florida or Colorado this time of year but we don’t see any of those places on your list.  If you can provide some ideas there, we’d love to check it out!” – Marty Craine, Northern Ky

“Dear Altro staff, could you list any referrals or ideas for travel places that are unique and fun besides the same old thing we all seem to do – most go to Mrytle Beach or The Smokies in Tennessee. These are tired and overdone – we know you don’t have many of these listings (thank God!) but everyone always wants to go to the same places! Would like to have some different ideas presented here so we can do something off the radar and go somewhere different.” – Randi & Paula S, Alexandria, Ky.

“I like the idea of sun or ski tourist destinations. Thanks for sending us out your survey and asking for our opinion. We are interested in travel this year and want to see some cool and unique options. My wife and I like your magazine and the way the articles are written. You’ve got a cool thing here and we would like the see some more travel info as we are big travelers. Can I recommend Colorado places for the ski enthusiasts?” – Mick TJ Thompson (and Barb), Cincy, Oh


“I love your travel section and the ideas you asked us were about what type of things we wish to see in 2022 and I for one, think we need to get out of just the local scene, and explore deeper into the surrounding states, such as West Virginia and even Southern areas like Tennessee. These states are our neighbors and we need to be teaching our kids about what’s going on with our history there too.”  – Renee Whitmore, Cincinnati

“Get us away from the tri-state area so we can see something different. I am open to anything besides around here. My new boyfriend and I are loving your magazine and would like to see the travel ideas grow – so far, you’ve got some cool stuff here.”  – Karen R, Indiana


“Hi Altro editor – please give us more travel ideas to see because those of us who like to travel to other places beyond our own backyard want to see what’s going more in our regional areas but we don’t want to always hop on a plane and spend that kind of money. What can you show us Altro – for the ‘shopping local’ ideas for travel that isn’t too far but not too close either?

And also, in keeping with your standard ‘alternative’ ideas in showcasing the most unique and the most rare finds out there?” – Marty and Sherry Sizemore, Indiana




It’s always so exciting and interesting to see what readers have to say about the magazine – especially when we ask them specific questions in our annual surveys. We offered up the question per each department and for the travel section, we recently recieved the most feedback. The question was “do you want to see more travel ideas and destination hot spots for other areas besides our own Tri-state area?”

And, to our surprise, the desire to see more regional info sort of took over the feedback. So, in 2022, prepare to see more various and wondrous ‘destination hot spots’ for regional and Southern states that surround us like deeper South Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and The Carolinas as well as The Dakotas.

In those upcoming getaways, we will be providing some links to various great and unique travel destinations, many of which will be regarded as ‘best kept secrets’ or places that are becoming popular that you don’t want to miss – so let the adventures begin!


We want our readers to get what they wish for – so keep the great ideas coming and know that you are appreciated as a reader and as a friend of Altro Publications
Happy traveling!

Kaitlyn K

(‘Katie’ many of you still refer to me as J)

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