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Honoring the Dualty Laws of Dark & Light PDF Print E-mail
Health - Alternative & Conventional

Is your family or your boss telling you that you have your days 
and nights confused?  Are you exhibiting delirium at work?
The duality laws of dark and light need to be examined further - especially when you need that healthy night of sleep so you
can function well on your job.

An Amazing Poem By One of the Masters of Poetry PDF Print E-mail
Fiction & Poetry

Our editor's second favorite poet and favorite poem by him...

Swig, Swagger, Shag & Stagger - A Poem PDF Print E-mail
Fiction & Poetry

The flipping of duality challenges the greatest in us and among us...

The Color of Justice - a Poem PDF Print E-mail
Fiction & Poetry

So, what does the color of justice look like to you?

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