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Paleo Dieting: Should We Eat Like Our Ancestors Did? PDF Print E-mail
Food & Restaurants

Paleo dieting? Finding the subtle nuances of a balanced diet that fits us as individuals instead of gorging on buzz words and trends that generalize the word 'diet' for everyone is wise.  But - finding the right way to balance all of this is the key!

Fun, Fancy Salads! PDF Print E-mail
Food & Restaurants

Try a delicious and healthy Thai Salad for a great 'soup and salad combo' --  high on flavor & low on fat and calories...
                             thai_beef_salad.jpg - 80.46 Kb

Cincinnati's Rich Music History: Local Record Company Was Crowned a King Once Upon a Time... PDF Print E-mail
Art & Entertainment

We remember & salute a  king - (and no we ain't talkin' about Elvis!)

Stopping Toxic Air From Poisioning Our Lungs PDF Print E-mail
Environmentalism / Going Green

How to avoid poor air quality that can cause your asthma or heart condition to `heat up`.

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