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Environmentalism / Going Green

'Going green' never was so challenging before now and regardless of whether you are a believer in global warming or not, we here at Altro Publishing must first say that the nature of such a topic is not, nor should ever be a political or religious issue.  Being environmentally conscious and earth-friendly is more about helping save, conserve and nurture more of our precious natural resources and often times, slowly deteriorating or dying eco systems.

We all need to contribute to preserving and nurturing our homes, gardens, streets and businesses if we want to thrive in a healthy world that we can feel good about passing on to our children and their future generations to come. If you are on the fence about this subject, that is fine too, as you may want to read some of our articles to educate yourself and then decide. 

In any event, know that the fertility and prosperity of green living is all about moving forward in a responsible, continuous effort where sustainment and even growth will be the result instead of the opposite, which is inertia and stagnation.

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