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Art & Entertainment

Jordan Recording Studio (Recording Services In Northern Ky) PDF Print E-mail

Today’s average mainstream follower of all that is commercialized-to-death is obsessed with fitting in themselves more than fitting the pieces of music or art together. Taylor Mill Kentucky's Jordan Recording Studio lets us in on how to figure out which notes to hit while we try to sing the right song without singing off key!

Villa Hills Ky Piano Man Mitch Ruth - Fine-tuning his Music Dreams PDF Print E-mail

Like many things in life we take for granted, there is a lot to know about the intricacies that make up the bigger picture.  Piano tuning, is one such example. So if you play a piano - for fun, for church or career - you know how tedious this job can be.  Local guy Mitch Ruth takes us behind the scenes to see what it takes and lives his music dream one ivory key at a time...

Cincinnati's Rich Music History: Local Record Company Was Crowned a King Once Upon a Time... PDF Print E-mail

We remember & salute a  king - (and no we ain't talkin' about Elvis!)

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