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Animals & Pet Care

Welcome to the Animals & Pet Care section where you can find various info and advice about pets, pet care and wildlife.

The magazine for the reader who knows that all human behavior is profoundly connected to a primitive nature, and that the duality of ourselves is mirrored back to us so well by the most preferred dual-pet ownership choices we make between cat and dog: We all have a little of the curious, mysterious, aloof cat in us as well as the dutiful, excitable, loyal dog.


Emotional Mirror (Parrots Talking Back To Us In 'Other' Non-verbal Ways?) PDF Print E-mail

If you want a fun-house emotional mirror, get some parrots. These intelligent creatures will reflect back your deepest insecurities and you will be the wiser one for it!




When Beloved `Frasier` Show Dog Died (How to Deal with Grief of Pet's Death) PDF Print E-mail

images/stories/ANIMALS_SHOW_DOG_DIES.jpgWhen Kesley Grammer`s talented show dog that appeared on the hit TV show, Frasier, died, many were saddened...Your beloved pet may not be famously known, but they are adored by your family and children.  What to do when grief from a pet loss hits close to home.....

Amazing Amphibians & Remarkable Reptiles PDF Print E-mail

images/stories/SNAKE_REPTILES_ARTICLE.jpgDear animal lovers, I am very excited to have been asked to provide articles for this magazine. You can look forward to articles covering natural history, husbandry and more about reptiles and amphibians.

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