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*The magazine for the empowered reader who sees the value of both sides of the Western and Eastern health philosophies; and thus, knows when to separate them and when to integrate them. The reader realizes that the integration of the two, when used efficiently and wisely, is better than their division when only one is solely used for no other purpose but to exclude the other side out of fear or prejudice.

Also note that Altro Publishing consults and publishes only the top healthcare practitioners and experts in their field.  While we cannot advocate them personally, we can present you their info which we trust or we would not publish their material. We advise that all readers make a point to read all they can and educate themselves without taking our word alone for any of the material you see here.  Please see more of this special health info at the link below with the title, 'Taking Care of Our Health - Editor's Letter to the Reader'...

Food Tips For Staying Healthy PDF Print E-mail

Yuri Elkaim's Top 7 Foods in the Kitchen

Taking Care of our Health - Editor's Letter to the Reader PDF Print E-mail

As the editor of this magazine, I feel a strong compelling need to responsibly offer my insights to the health-conscious consumer who is looking for ways to improve their health, but choose to do so realistically and not with unreasonable expectations or lack of wisdom...

Honoring the Dualty Laws of Dark & Light PDF Print E-mail

Is your family or your boss telling you that you have your days 
and nights confused?  Are you exhibiting delirium at work?
The duality laws of dark and light need to be examined further - especially when you need that healthy night of sleep so you
can function well on your job.

Proactive Hormone Health - Get Control Early! PDF Print E-mail

Weighing in on the Hormone Balancing Scales Can be Tough, but We Push Forward...

Kids' Cereal Fortified With GMO Ingredients Stirs the Bowl With Enraged Parents PDF Print E-mail

How big cereal companies had to take some heat over their GMO products. But, consumers have taken back their power!



Want Beautiful Legs? Free of Unsightly Veins? Read This... PDF Print E-mail

Getting our legs to be healthy and beautiful at the same time!

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