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Fashion & Beauty

For your beauty and fashion tips as well as for your skin care needs, you may find some interesting tidbits in our articles here.  We are always updating our material - esp. monthly, so check back to see our latest news.

Top 10 Tips On How To Avoid Looing Cheap PDF Print E-mail

Expert elegance stylist, Anna Bey, helps us understand how to avoid looking cheap. Here are some tips you may have not thought of before - tips that are timeless and useful for all girls and women, regardless of age...

How To Improve Your Pose In Photos PDF Print E-mail

Do you want to know how to pose better in photographs? Ok, here is a video that helps you with this! Learn how to 'smize' if you don't feel like smiling; how to lengthen your legs and how to appear taller; how to improve your silhouette poses. If you are a model or just someone trying to improve the way you look in photos, this video is for you.

In today's hyper selfie world and super visual virtual one, we need to lean away from 'trash' and lean more forward into 'class'. These tips below help to teach us how to pose in classier, more elegant ways to define yourself as 'class' versus looking trashy or flambouyant. Enjoy!

Enhancing Your Beauty With Cincinnati's Mona Lisa PDF Print E-mail

Cut your beauty maintenance time in half by having permanent makeup done.  It's one of the best investments you can ever have in your beauty arsenal!

Fashion & Beauty
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