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Staff Biographies

Some of the best writers in our Greater Cincinnati area have joined our growing freelance pool of writing talent. Many of these contributing writers have also been published in national magazines and have even had successful books published on a wide-scale release. 

We also find that many of our ’house writers’ have other talents beyond writing, but this is a ’creative type’ for you - well-rounded, expansive and multi-dimensional. Enjoy the potpourri of blended talents from all writing genres, ages, backgrounds and walks of life... 

Coming soon: Our other freelance contributors and part-time staff of contributing sales and marketing execs, photographers and graphic designers will be on display here this next year, 2014.

Kaitlyn Karol PDF Print E-mail

kaitlyn_editorial_new_for_altro_web_.jpg - 98.31 Kb The Founder/ Creator, Publisher & Editor of the online publishing mediums such as 'Loyal Locals', 'Ask a Pro', and 'Altro' publications, Kaitlyn Karol (known to some as the less formal 'Katie') has been pursuing and working in media & marketing (journalism/ arts and entertainment field) since the age of 14...                                                                                                        

Bruce Martin PDF Print E-mail

Bruce MartinFeatured Primary Fiction Writer for Altro Perspectives, Bruce Martin is joining the ranks of big league authors as his new book about the Drake Hospital serial killer, Donald Harvey, has made an impressive success for him. He gladly shares credit as co-author with criminal attorney Bill Whalen, but says...

Marilyn Harris PDF Print E-mail

Our Marilyn HarrisFeatured 'Retro Food Columnist' for Altro Perspectives, Marilyn Harris, coming to us from a past bio that includes writing for The Cincinnati Enquirer, as well as being a radio and TV personality, a cooking teacher and a consultant for the food industry. Hailed by the late Bert Greene as “the undisputed doyenne of cuisine in the Midwest” and her foods being for sale at Remke/Bigg's stores has made her even more sought-after than ever.  When you crave an old-school, traditional meal like your mom used to make, with  all the trimmings, but you want a more professional slant that includes  lots of bonus dishes your mom didn't even know about, Marilyn is your go-to lady of the most fabulous 'retro cuisine'!

Read one of her most cooked dishes by local fans by
clicking here.

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