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Mission Statement

With so much culture-clashing going on these days, we have some ointment for your scrapes, bruises and burns. But instead of reaching for Aloe, we bring you Altro! Attempting to restore hope, faith and common sense back into our culture through careful discernment and honest centrism, we bring you the ALTRO view, reconciling the East and West, absolutism and curiosity, blame and credit, apathy and passion, empathy and tough love, as well as balancing the scales between 'the skinny' and the weightier issues. In other words, we don't believe in throwing out the valuable baby with the dirty bathwater as the biased radical fringe does!

Ready to be challenged and grow or are you good with your comfort zones stuck in the immobile and boring place of inertia?

If you want to get out of your rut (aka, 'box', 'echo chamber', 'prison', 'cage'), and make actual progress in your lifestyle and relationships by enhancing and improving your true knowledge of culture (not just what mainstream media's sound bytes have programmed you to believe), then you are on the right track and the moving train ride of this publication is for you!

Ok, so you have your ticket, you're on board, but before you buy a season pass, you have a few concerns...

Q: What is 'altro' all about anyway? 

A: 'Altro' is a hybrid word editor/publisher Kaitlyn Karol came up with back in 1999 to describe the two polar opposite, yet nuanced contrasts between old and new, left and right, traditional and innovative, male and female/ yin and yang. 'Alt' meaning 'alternative' (new, innovative, cutting-edge, original) and 'tro' referring to what is 'retro' or historical, vintage, nostalgic, old-fashioned/ 'old school', etc.

JUST SOME INTERESTING LITTLE TIDBITS WE'D LIKE YOU TO KNOW about the title and concept of this publication:

Now we see the online dictionaries define 'altro' as an 'Italian word' with a similar definition but the editor had her lawyer research this word and its definition and it was NEVER found once anywhere - online or in text at the time of her invention.  So, did someone else see all of this web-magazine's SEO links tied to this new word and take it for themselves? Or was it a weird coincidence of two creative minds thinking alike? No one quite knows for sure, but to clarify time/ date of the invention, Kaitlyn's word was used in copyrighted documents that can be traced back to 1999 in her first newsletter of same name. Legally, we are fully supported and protected under copyright and trademark laws. 

With a part-alternative/ cutting edge and part-conservative/ tribute-to-history kind of focus, (hence the hybrid word "alt"/"tro"), the 'zine will highlight subjects and departments not seen in any other big city magazine and will attempt to bring the greater metropolitan city back to its roots - a reminder of our area's history, heritage, working-class ethics and ideals which support the common man and sing praises to so many of our unsung. This personalized and populist view will bring focus back to the real issues and not just their glamour (there's only so many "best of" lists, but then where can we find room for thought-provoking improvement and innovation?).  At the same time, we take the opportunity to reach out globally via the Internet with our online publication, which is the beauty of the world wide web.

One of the most important philosophies we practice is to embrace community outreach.  By bringing local readers together to enjoy local news and consumer offers that highlight enlightening advice about how to use products or services.  Our 'Shopping Local' program can be found through our Business & Consumer Directory and is also shared through e-mail blasting to all of our subscribed readers who enjoy building community as much as we do. Whether it's a new specialty shop where a consumer is looking for antiques or specialty items, or it's a home or pet care product, we want to build a bridge between local businesses and local buyers, to help grow the local economy and to help the small indie businesses grow!  

With a moderate voice, we hope to inspire, educate, enlighten, and entertain our readers with astute and clever writers - their columns, articles, essays, op-ed pieces, poetry and short stories. We look forward to engaging our demographic from a wide age range - high school and college students as well as mature adults. People of all ages love animals/pets, good entertaining fiction; how to save money, how to find a good mechanic or home or how to get a new business off the ground; ways to find the best fashions for the most economical prices.  And who doesn't love good (and healthier) food - where to find it and how to make it?

In seeking to embrace the individual and to uphold the right for that person to express him or herself in a way that truly celebrates freedom of choice in all aspects, there is no room for monotony, homogeneity or 'hipster thinking' (aka, 'conformist herd thinking') here at Altro Perspectives.  We are a team of collaborative experts in various fields of knowledge who wish to enhance the reader's perceptions and offer provocative and fresh ideas, advice and even epiphanies to a new generation as well as to enrich and express our gratitude to the cultural landscape of the already-established inventors and innovators of yesterday's societal achievements.

We also acknowledge how modern journalism in general is unfortunately tainted by hearsay, half-truths, predisposed bias, stolen creativity or originality, and Altro Perspectives attempts to present the complete antithesis to all of that, by bringing the reader honest journalism, and open, daring stories as well as the unique and original, with a timeless sensibility not slated to any one consistently extreme direction as so much media today is presented.  In short, we are not all-left or all-right thinking. We are beholden only to centrism and supporters of the 'grey zone' home, where all truth dwells. Fringe thinking is ignorant and dangerous and ultimately, irresponsible.

As independent moderates and pioneers, we seek to expand the consciousness of the collective unconscious through careful and responsible research, interviewing, and reporting; and in some special cases, with reliable sources listed at the end of each article for the reader's assurance, if necessary. Everyone has the right to know the truth and then the right to decide upon what they believe once the message has been delivered. In other words, we wish to return to the more traditional approach of high-quality journalism which is the old school integrity of the Walter Chonchrite/ Dan Rather era where researched facts, instead of bias opinions, are the news of the day.  

Over proven time, Altro Perspectives will continue to grow and become more known for establishing itself as the ultimate boat rocker amid pseudo-journalists and uneducated 'bloggers', leading as true iconoclasts in every sense of the word - bending, expanding, challenging, and ultimately changing the dynamics typical of the publishing arena. As an artist and journalist, the publisher/ creator and editor of this publication believes it is essential for all art forms to provoke and instigate discussion; otherwise, it is not authentic art. Yes, this is a big feat, and it will take much time, but sustenance is not something we lack, and we have every confidence that we can accomplish this goal.

To bottom-line our final objectives: We are driven by our life’s mission to create socially and environmentally conscious media and to remain progressive thinkers on the cutting, leading edge. We look to attract the attention of those who are also seeking change of the status quo; those searching for the "alternative to the alternative" by creating a new mainstream, a populace that includes free-thinking, expansive-minded and "balanced" readers. These readers will be the ones who lead us into the next generation as they will realize the polemic, over-generalized and radical ideologues of today cannot evolve much past this crucial point in conventional media without something fresh and truly genuine to subvert and finally, to reinvent them altogether.

- The team of Altro Perspectives and all other Altro Magazines brought to you by Altro Publishing and Kaitlyn Karol.



  • Staff Biographies  ( 3 items )

    Some of the best writers in our Greater Cincinnati area have joined our growing freelance pool of writing talent. Many of these contributing writers have also been published in national magazines and have even had successful books published on a wide-scale release. 

    We also find that many of our ’house writers’ have other talents beyond writing, but this is a ’creative type’ for you - well-rounded, expansive and multi-dimensional. Enjoy the potpourri of blended talents from all writing genres, ages, backgrounds and walks of life... 

    Coming soon: Our other freelance contributors and part-time staff of contributing sales and marketing execs, photographers and graphic designers will be on display here this next year, 2014.

  • Other Media Services  ( 1 item )

    Also see our ”Other Services” page for more info on our partnerships and media affiliate programs or opportunities, including helping make matches for companies who need special marketing services. If Focus Media performs or helps to perform any marketing or media arrangements with your company, ”placing” you with those of others who will better meet your needs, you will be subjected to a set-up fee or referral fee. Fee must be prepaid to Focus Media before any such agreed-to services begin as a good-faith deposit. Thank you.

    The Editor and Publisher of Altro Publishing (all Altro magazines) and owner/founder of Focus Media, Kaitlyn Karol, has an eclectic and multi-leveled career in several creative modalities. Her vast and varied experience in sales/marketing/, PR, writing/editing and in producing various creative projects, including theater and video/film and DJ work, has expanded over a twenty year period. At this time, her diverse experience has given her much direction as well as networking opportunities in finding the necessary and compatible business partners in which to help continue to build her flourishing, independent company.

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