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Other Media Services

Also see our ”Other Services” page for more info on our partnerships and media affiliate programs or opportunities, including helping make matches for companies who need special marketing services. If Focus Media performs or helps to perform any marketing or media arrangements with your company, ”placing” you with those of others who will better meet your needs, you will be subjected to a set-up fee or referral fee. Fee must be prepaid to Focus Media before any such agreed-to services begin as a good-faith deposit. Thank you.

The Editor and Publisher of Altro Publishing (all Altro magazines) and owner/founder of Focus Media, Kaitlyn Karol, has an eclectic and multi-leveled career in several creative modalities. Her vast and varied experience in sales/marketing/, PR, writing/editing and in producing various creative projects, including theater and video/film and DJ work, has expanded over a twenty year period. At this time, her diverse experience has given her much direction as well as networking opportunities in finding the necessary and compatible business partners in which to help continue to build her flourishing, independent company.

Other Services & Media Partners
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