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We are distributing our news articles and informational flyers to our e-mail database that we've been growing for going on seven years now.  In the last two years, we have added many more e-mail subscriber/ readers and our reach is within the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Ky area, with other databases now reaching into Dayton and Columbus. We are enjoying quite a bit of success with this as so many prefer to use the far-reaching marketing methods of the Internet versus traditional publishing methods such as print. 

This doesn't mean, however, that we have ruled out print media.  Printed magazines - just as alive and well and relevant today due to their souvenir, collector's items sustainability and their tangible accessibiltiy as vinyl records are for music lovers - will always be a part of our publshing culture and always should be. Do not believe the media hype about the persistent debate between print versus web magazines -- they both have their rightful and respectful places and always will and it is up to the diverse, progressive, and balanced-thinking publisher to embrace the two as one complete package.

Therefore, we will be integrating the two distribution methods of print and web in the fall/holiday season of 2015, with a focus on an 'Annual Manual' kind of publication that will be printed at the end of the year.  This "Year In Review" issue will also include some predictions of what to expect in the new year to come with a list of new year's resolutions for our 'cultural shifts' we are determined to progressively promote each year. When we have more info about this and are nearing the publishing release 'hard date', we will be posting it here, so check back later in the fall.


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