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Client Testimonials

"I have found this magazine to be a cost-efficient and exciting way to advertise my business. The unique and creative style of this online magazine offers more than just a directory of businesses and articles. It has generated interest and business for my company by keeping the interest of the reader. I have personally experienced positive feedback from friends and customers seeking my talent. Kaitlyn Karol brings with her a refreshing energy and dedication to its customers. I am completely satisfied with the service."

Michael Keyes
The Art Realm

"I have received good feedback from my web page/advertorial on AP's  business directory and noticed this positive response right away. I got three calls the first month and sold one of my sales kits to a customer who also purchased some products from me. With just the one good sale, I have been reimbursed my investment, which was an unusually small fee to begin with to be on here for a full year! I have put the website address on my flyers and cards to encourage more people to view my page and information as I can see this growing and growing. I don't even have any pictures up on my page and this is the response I have gotten! The Tri-state area sure needs something this different and special; there's not many great magazines - web or print - that's willing to step outside the box and dare to be original. Kaitlyn Karol and her team of experts sure get my vote!"

Patricia Bennett
of PC Enterprises

Blinds Done Right owner says, “A few years ago, I had tried out this service due to how they got the word out there for us online. I found that this was something I wanted to continue. I would recommend them to others who want the same online exposure.”- Joe Gex


“I used to use the e-m blast program a little over a year ago when I needed it and it worked so well for me. Within less than 5 mos, out of around 7 or 8 callers who called me from the ad, I got 4 buyers who bought my photo shoots packages and one referral that is on my go-to-list now.  I can never thank Kaitlyn enough for her great writing talent too – she has a way with words and then how to execute those words that many others don’t have, so I would hire her again if I ever need this service in the future. I also like how she can be your third party objective so you don’t have to brag about yourself!”
– Mike Berding of Cre8tive Photography and Entertainment


“We’ve had an article/ web page with Kaitlyn Karol’s website for over the last two years, (resigned for the third year in 2013) and it’s brought us quite a bit of business in that time.  We’ve gotten some calls from folks that found us on there and we’re glad we listed our info with her. It’s been a great and affordable way to reach new customers. I would recommend her services to anyone who needs a push on the Internet as this is the place to be seen these days if you want maximum reach.”
 – Rick L Harkenreader, owner of Hark’s Super Service/ auto mechanics shop


 “I have contacted Kaitlyn several times over the years for business consulting, especially about the childcare work I do. The thing I like about Kaitlyn (I still call her by the less formal ‘Katie’ from when I first met her many years ago) is that she has good advice to help point you in the right direction and when she and I talk, it is always a laugh fest!  She doesn’t make it feel like stuffy business talk. I love her sense of humor and personable traits as well as her professionalism.  She ‘gets me’ and supports what I am trying to accomplish…
This is all great because I know she isn’t just being ‘nice’ to sell something. She tells it like it is and although that may be disappointing at times, it is what makes her who she is and that is honest and real.  I can always get the truth from her, even if it isn’t sugar-coated like it is with most people who hold back what they really think.  She is a smart lady and has a sharp wit. I’ve recommended her to other businesses that are serious about their marketing and need some exposure, and was glad to do so. When or if I ever do go into full-time photography with my own shop or start my own nanny agency, I’d bring her on to do all of my writing and marketing, no hesitation!”
– Amy Snow






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