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About Us

Below you will find our Mission Statement. We also have writers who are still coming onboard so you may periodically check back here and see who is being added to our new freelance pool of talented writers - consumer-driven journalists as well as creative writers and poets for those who seek 'pleasure writing' as a form of fun escapism!

We are a grass-roots company based in Greater Cincinnati that we are proud to say is married to the indie businesses and the great 'mom and pop' shops and companies around the country - and the world in general. We are happy to say we are NOT funded by corporate leaders who back others for clearly unhealthy political agendas and we are happy to offer a more focused, minimalist clean-lined website WITHOUT ANY ANNOYING POP-UP ADS. These pop-up's and subscription pop-up boxes seen in most websites only distract readers/ viewers from the page they are reading as many of our readers have told us through surveys that they appreciate how we do not engage in those "very distracting" website practices.

People in fact, keep telling us how much they love our consumer info that helps them to make better choices in the marketplace or that helps them to see beyond the mainstream culture of what everyone else is doing. We are obviously living in times also that require us to think outside of the box more and to unite more as a community, as a body of people - to connect again, to take adventures again - to trust one another a bit more and to REVIVE the human spirit!

What folks keep telling us they love about us: Our ability to shine light in the dark spaces out there and to offer that light to shine brightly upon the unique and best-kept secret kind of businesses or places to visit - whether it's to buy a service or product or to take part in an adventure of some sort of fun escape that takes them away from all the stress in our world.

People also love to discover that 'destination hot spot' that saves them from an emergency, so that small mechanics shop you passed by on your way to Georgia - is right there to help you with a repair so you can get back on your way but also, they happen to be right up the road from a unique b and b and family-owned steakhouse too. You get to eat and relax before you drive more miles - lucky you!

What we have become more known for is that we are a fun-focused, positive-minded, consumer-driven online magazine that celebrates learning what new and exciting adventures are out there waiting for us beyond mainstream society. Today's stressful world is one where we need to alleviate some of that stress by finding more unique, fun, different and more 'colorful' places to visit - places offering warm smiles and interesting adventures. And the people curating and searching them who also take delight in these discoveries just adds to the great experience!

To find that perfect little b and b or vacation getaway, to find that unique little dress shop or family-owned bakery that makes only certain kinds of breads or desserts; to discover that cute little pub on the side of the road or that homey steak house that isn't overcrowded or over-priced - now that is the Americana we love from the old days (RETRO) along w/ the new modern touches of what is convenient too (ALTERNATIVE).

In this new way of rediscovering the old ways, we are renewed and invigorated once more and a new life burns with passion as it bursts forth like the petals of so many vibrant and fresh flowers blossoming at once!

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