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About Us

Below you will find our Mission Statement and some bios of a few of our top writers. We also have writers who are still coming onboard so you may periodically check back here and see who is being added to our new freelance pool of talented writers - journalists as well as creative writers and songwriters/poets.

We are a grass-roots company that we are proud to say is NOT funded by corporate leaders who back others for clearly unhealthy political agendas (we would never partner with anyone like George Soros for an example!), and we are happy to offer a smaller, more minimalist clean-lined website WITHOUT ANY ANNOYING POP-UP ADS. These pop-up's and subscription pop-up boxes seen in most websites only distract readers/ viewers from what page they are reading! We do not respect desperate journalism where writers and bloggers plead for likes and subs. We also do not believe in employing socially-engineered distraction methods in our stories nor do we believe in pushing our material on others; rather, we believe in the freedom of choice - if you want to follow us, fine, if not, we don't judge and bemoan those who don't agree with us or who don't 'follow' us.

Basically, we take an entirely different direction into communication with our readers, unlike even many of the citizen journalists found via the rest of underground media in website blogs or on Youtube.  We are basically a different breed of an online magazine where we do not cater to the typical hipster credo of the day nor do we partake in the writing of overhyped, flowery, fake celebrity gossip or silly, unseasoned writing.

In any of our reviews and critique writing, we don't criticize anyone or anything unless we are simultaneously remarking about something positive they also do or represent and our critiques are not pointed at anyone's personal life or traits. We do not blindly judge, but instead keep our discerning views focused on constructive critiquing without pandering to the ad hominems of name calling or bringing up irrelevant 'side points' that would only distract from the main theme of the article/ essay, etc. The only exception to this rule would be if a reader sends us questions in the 'Letters to the Editor' section on any of our stories where we may offer a retort but even then, we will do our best to reply with a more rational versus rash comment.

We also don't call something a 'fact' unless we have proof... 

Without proper evidence to support any claims, we simply use our common sense by adding a disclaimer to any story that may still need further research. We do all we can to keep ourselves objective and hold ourselves responsible by not over-reacting to even the most controversial of subjects with unnecessary emotional bias. In this, we DO NOT SUPPORT identity politics! At the same time, we also reserve our opinions for op-ed pieces or essays, etc., (see our 'Editorials & Commentaries') as all topics have a purpose as well as a time and a place and we do not allow ourselves to be confused between these dualities that must be compartmentalized for proper clarity and focus.

Our biggest and first community focus is here in Greater Cincinnati where we have readers all over the Tri-state region - from Hyde Park to Cheviot, to Northern parts such as Mason, Hamilton, Fairfield.  We also serve parts of Middletown, Waynesville and even Lebanon.  We have readers all over Northern Ky too! 

What we intend to consistently do here is to offer all of our readers and advertisers our best work, but facts in even business journalism as we focus on here - or in any truth for that matter, must be separated from artistic execution or creatively expressed opinion, as reiterated from above.

This also means that we are human and in being human, we allow for things such as 'perfect imperfection' and 'raw and real' to take place of the otherwise 'phony polishes' that can look too good or be plain self-serving only. To hearken back to an old motto, 'Anything that appears too good to be true usually is'!  We also hold steadfast to the maxim which is, 'To thine own self- be true'. 

To be further clear: while we embrace high standards, we also do NOT and will not uphold slick, overdone contrivances that are bent to accommodate capricious hipsters, narcissistic or ill-intended demands or to appease a fundamentalist mentality. This is NOT our desired target readership/audience and we won't ever pander to it. In other words, we are not the typical media you see in the mainstream or even in some of the so-called 'truther movement'!

Perfectionism is quite a crippling paradigm - full of more contradictions and limits than boundless, open possibilities. It is really more of a projection of someone's own sense of insecurity, selfishness, confusion, and hyper-need to be in control all the time. It is definitely a disingenuous place to reside. This has more to do with filling up a well of uncertainty and less to do with the more honest ways of embracing truth which a perfectionist has a hard time with because to be perfect is to inhabit a fantasy zone and to relinquish the purity of organic growth and the open search for it. 

In a world full of narcissistic perfectionists and status-quo image seekers, we feel compelled to inspire the philosophy of 'doing right' versus 'being perfect'.  Perfection, to be clear, is an unrealistic state that is a bit unhealthy and unbalanced and with 'altro' focusing on balance, an attitude of perfectionism lies in direct conflict to that kind of authenticity and is viewed as a deficit rather than an asset to this magazine. The founder and Editor of Altro, Kaitlyn Karol, has this to say about being right as opposed to being perfect:
"To do and embrace what is right is the ideal dream come true; to be knit-picky perfect is the pipeline dream that can NEVER be realized."

Also see our ’Other Services’ page for more info on our partnerships and media affiliate programs or opportunities, including helping make matches for companies who need special marketing services. If Focus Media performs or helps to perform any marketing or media arrangements with your company, the ’placement’ or pairing of your company with those of others who serve as a co-partner that better meet your needs will be subjected to a set-up fee or referral fee. Fee must be prepaid to Focus Media before any such agreed-to services begin as a good-faith deposit. Thank you.

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