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Online, we publish small news articles and news breifs via our own private e-mail database which includes referrals from friends, families, schools and churches, and other businesses as well as individual consumers.  In our updated and growing website here, we also implement and send out our meta-tags and key words to the top search engines every quarter to stay visible via the Internet.

Due to the fact that we are still expanding and growing post-Covid, our distribution list will be changing and building each and every quarter, so if you would like to be sent our news flyers with the latest business tips or expert advice for your current products and services issues/ questions, please send us an e-m at our Contact Us page or e-m  us at with your request and we will contact you as soon as we can. Usually, our queue rotations run monthly, so thank you in advnace for your patience. 

Please fill out or send us your full contact info which includes e-mail address and/or phone number.  We do not send out info to blind e-mails alone without full names (first and last names), business names, full contact info and reason for contacting us.  This is part of the way we build our databases - to ensure that all of our contacts are actually people (not robots or shills!) as info is not sent to a blank or worse, an unprofessional e-mail address or empty link where we cannot speak to or correspond with a live human. 

Some e-mail is considered spam, so we do not send mail to or communicate with e-mail addresses of which we know not where we are receiving them.  Thank you for your full cooperation and understanding of our company protocol.


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