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For your next trip to the lovely Amish country, take an old-fashioned historical ride in a horse and buggy carriage. What a romantic, exciting and great way to spare the environment from gas pollution! 

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Jacob and Erma Yoder have been in the carriage riding business for a bit over twenty years now and they enjoy it immensely.  Jacob, who had owned Percheron horses, realized they could use these horses for carriage riding, which led to the idea of creating a tourism business with this remarkable animal. Usually black or gray in color, Percherons are well-muscled, and known for their intelligence and willingness to work, as they had been war horses at one point and later became the stagecoach horse.

“Due to the historical knowledge we had on this, my husband and I knew these were the best kind of horses for carriage riding,” says Erma Yoder, adding, “with this kind of tourism business, we could offer unique and safe trips for tourists or anyone who would be interested in using this service for big or small events – weddings, proms, or just a fun night out on the town. A carriage ride is great for groups, couples or families anytime.”

Their customers tell them all the time how much they love their services too – whether they be new or repeat clients, and that helps keep their enthusiasm alive. 

If you’re planning a trip or vacation to Amish country and you’re also one concerned about the environment, being a little conservative on gasoline e-missions is going to help bring the toxic levels of gas in the air down, but your spirits will be riding high when you step back into time in an old-fashioned, luxurious carriage ride!

Says Erma, “If someone visits this area, we give rides out of the Amish Door. We charge more if we go off the premises, so customers can save money if they come to us at The Amish Door.  But we certainly have no problem at all meeting someone somewhere else if we need to do so.”

Jacob’s Carriage will give half- hour rides that are $60 and $120 for an hour….call for pricing and more info – individualized quotes and info according to your trip plans are taken into consideration.

Says Erma, “If someone is coming in for an engagement or getting married, we can give them a ride to or from the wedding or to the reception.  We can give them rides on wagons too, as hayrides are also available. We can work with various trips and tour rides, so just let us know what your requests are.”

If you would like to schedule a ride or just inquire about any other info, please visit them at

Special Note when planning your ride: The wagon rides hold up to 12 people and the carriage can take up to 4 customers.

You may also pay ahead too on the site with PayPal if you wish. If you would prefer to call, please contact the company a day or two ahead with a full week’s notice if the event is as big as a wedding or something of this nature.

Payments accepted are cash, checks, or PPal, but cash is always preferred. As their website reminds you, they are a very friendly and accommodating company:

With our beautiful white Vis-à-vis carriage, black Percheron horses and a formally dressed driver, we'll make your occasion unforgettable. You're welcome to bring flowers or a sign to give the carriage that extra personal touch. We work with you to make every detail count!’

Check out a brief video to see Jacob’s Carriage transporting some guests…a fairy tale day like this could be yours too!

For more photos or videos, please see their Facebook page at:

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