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STI Towing (Northern Ky car breakdown assistance/N Ky & Cincinnati road emergency services) PDF Print E-mail

STI Towing (Walton Ky) will come to your aide if your vehicle breaks down and some locals share why their company is an excellent choice to call upon if you ever find yourself in such a dilemma...

From small cars to car trailers, boats, tractors and trucks, STI TOWING can tow or move your vehicle to where it needs to go. (Also see article with STI's owner in our News Features section)

A complete list of all of their services include the following:


*TOWING (CDL-licensed, DOT-qualified/ helping tow tractors, trailers, bus, RV, boats, wheel lift, under-reach, landoll trailer)


*RECOVERY (Wreck/Master Certified Operators/ helping with heavy duty winch-out service, w/ hi-lift air cushion and recovery; steel-oil recovery)


*ROAD SERVICE (Truck, tire and trailer repair, welding, fuel delivery, lock-outs – works with AAA)


*LOAD SHIFTS (Steel coil shifts/ recovery, flatbed, van, all types; forklifts, inside loading dock, inside and outside storage)


*MECHANICS (Including big trucks and diesel engines; on duty at their shop locations and ‘on the road’)


* SPECIALIZED HAULING (Bulldozers, backhoes, etc., and machinery, buildings)


*KY WEIGH STATIONS (Priority service)



Live Dispatch available 24 Hrs per day – 7 days a week at 859-485-1234

or 859-525-TOWS or 800-828-0159


HAPPY CUSTOMERS report their experiences:

'Courteous Towing Company'...

My husband was in an accident and I was dreading calling the towing company because of past experiences. I was so pleased to be greeted with compassion and kindness. They worked with me to get the issues resolved in a manner that would help us not make the situation worse. THANKS so much STI Towing!”

Thank you Altro Editor for sending this to us – I copied this info over in my cell phone one day just in case I needed it and lo and behold, I needed it a week later! My son got into an auto accident and nearly totalled his car. This company came to his rescue right away and were so nice and helpful. He said they went out of their way to help him. I send my thanks!!” - Becky and family

I was so grateful to be able to call in to this company – after I had seen it online for a road assistance search on my phone when I had my break down on 275.. My car was fine but I was scared – it was late at night and they came to help me without a long wait. They were kind and the charge was reasonable too. I would recommend them to anyone.” - R. E., Cincinnati, Oh.

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