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Decor Tips From Local Gorgeous & Unique B & B's!
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Another Indiana B&B may take your breath right away as it reminds us of a luxurious mansion like that out of a movie such as 'Gone With the Wind'. It's called Solomon Mier Manor and a house worthy of its formal name. This dramatic beauty of a home has been owned by Amanda Smith and her husband for over seven years now and they fell in love with it when they first saw it. Says Amanda, “We love how huge the rooms were and I wanted to keep it as authentic looking as I could when I started decorating."

                                                         solomon_meir_2.jpg - 66.26 Kb

If your rooms aren't as big as above, that's OK... just edit things a bit... keeping the reds and the whites balanced lends itself to a bigger room, since reds and darker colors can shrink the space down....if you want darker, bolder colors but your rooms are small, do half (or only a quarter) of the room in the darker hues and let more 'friendly white space' embrace it like a big hug!


The house has a consistent style throughout, yet each room also has its own identity and original flair. Says Amanda, “I like things very crisp, organized, and clean. I am not afraid of color, I love color!  But you do have to be careful; sometimes you try something and it doesn't work so you try different shades till you hit the right balance. I also pick a color that is a shade lighter than what I actually want, because colors get much bolder and darker once they are on the wall.”

She also adds that it's not only style that is important but the way it works with people flowing in and out and around it, as any occupiers in the home should not be encumbered by unfriendly space issues: "I do not want things to be inconvenient for our guests because it is over-cluttered. Or things to be overwhelming because there is too much to look at, all at once, no space to put things, or too bold of accents."

the charming light & dark blues that play against a nice blend of hard & soft textures with clean space make this room simple, yet classy
                          solomon_meir_1.jpg - 127.97 Kb


Is there anything else she wishes to be changed at this point? Says Amanda, "There are still some wallpapers and floor coverings from previous owners that I hope to change at some point." 

Amanda Smith helps to confirm the idea that even when it's all done right - there's always room for change and new choices to be made, whether you're happy or bored with what you have! 

So, there you have it  - whether you are a minimalist who loves simplicity and clean lines or an elegant, fancy-thrill decorator who longs for big changes (or both!), or maybe you just want to add a little sunny warmth to your home - these various options can provide a wealth of diversity and can also lift your spirits!

The ambiance one lives is quite relevant to their mood and overall state of mind, so why not take a serious look into the fun world of decor and see how it can make your life richer?  Who knows, you may become so good at it that you may wish to turn your home or maybe part of it - into a bed and breakfast or at least make it appear as though you live in one!

- Thanks to all of our contributors to this article! 


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