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Independent Cincinnati hair salon brings chic and sleek to to your crowning glory!


Teri Washington Independent Contractor /Entrepeneur Owner of Divine Designs Hair Gallery, tells us about what's old and what's new, and what's up with her way of styling hair that inspire many of her customers to return to her....

Here in an interview with Altro's editor, she tells us what we ladies
need to know about the 'hows' of 'hair'...

                                       divine_designs_b4_1.jpg - 51.54 Kb
                                          Before Teri's magic hair transformation...       

Altro: What was the most old-fashioned hair do you ever did?

Teri W: The most old-fashioned hair style I have ever done was the soft finger waves with the pin-curls this hairstyle was a very popular one back in the 70’s. This is one of my favorite hairstyles and it is back again.

Altro: The most modern one?

TW: The most modern hairstyle that I have done is the spiral curls, spiral curls was one of the most modern hairstyles that was very common. Many people liked  this hairstyle because it was easy and not a lot of maintenance to keep up.

divine_designs_after_1.jpg - 50.72 Kb....After the magic begins...

Altro: What lesson did you learn about hair or a client of your business model thus far that helped you to grow and benefit from?

TW: One of the lessons that I learned in reference to hair is every hairstyle that the clients suggests is not always going to look the same on them as it does the picture. Many times clients see pictures and want their hair to be styled the same way and it doesn’t look the same on them as it does the person on the picture. This helped me to grow because from that point I learned to do a face and head shape analysis to define what best fits the clients.

Altro: Where do you see the future of hair trends heading?

TW: The future hair trends are history repeating itself, many of the hairstyles that were back in the 50, 60’s and 70’s are all coming back. Nothing ever goes out of style, it may be out of season but not out of style.

Altro: What is the worst thing we can do to our hair?

TW: The worst thing we can do to our hair is neglect it. Hair is like our digestive system if we don’t give it all the nutrients it needs for it to operate and maintain its healthiness it will begin to get weak, become fragile,the porosity of the hair will be poor, the elasticity will be hard to maintain a style or curl and it will start to shed.

This shedding is due to lack of proteins and nutrients. Hair can always remain healthy as long as you administer the right products consistently.

   ...the frontal 'after' magic, complete:    divine_designs_after_2.jpg - 53.19 Kb

Altro: What is the best thing we could ever do for it?

TW: The best thing to do for the hair is to shampoo it, comb it, use protein conditioners, moisturizing conditioners, reconstructive aids and use professional products applied by a professional licensed cosmetologist. 

HOLIDAY DISCOUNTS: For all new clients, we offer a 10% off of ALL services. When you refer a friend, receive a free waxing or eyelash extensions. *These are basic lashes, not mink.


**If you'd like an appointment to have your hair done by Teri, she is operating 885 W North Bend Rd. in Finneytown Ohio 45232.  You may call her at 513-909-6829.


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