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Kaitlyn Karol
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The Founder/Creator, Publisher & Editor of the online publication Altro Perspectives and the owner of Focus Media, Kaitlyn Karol (also known as the less formal “Katie” to certain friends who've known her since adolescence), is primarily known as a writer/researcher and has been pursuing and working in media/writing/communications and the arts and entertainment field since the age of 15...
Kaitlyn Karroll

Rooted in various media modalities - mostly journalism and communications, currently also serving as a communications coach, Kaitlyn has a background in marketing, PR/ sales, as well as broadcasting and radio that later led to Voice Over work.  Her vast and diverse experience includes literary work where she has acted as editor for other writers/ authors for their manuscripts. She has also worked as a writer and editor of online dating profiles, helping people as she says "to get out of their boxes of being stuck in the typical cliche-ridden 'love long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners and holding hands at the movies'." Yet she also admits to liking cliches when they are necessary:
"It's better to use a good cliche than a bad or boring original idea, but it's all about balance and nuance and also, it's in the context and the subtext of language where we often fail to see the deeper truths and the hidden meanings where the buried treasure resides."

Working as a performance artist, she "found more insight and fun with acting & filmmaking" (public access helped shaped her early training) and along that path, produced and directed some music videos for local bands, one of which won an honorable mention from MTV through a contest the station held for 'the best local music videos' produced in cities all across America. She has taken several writing courses and workshops. One of which she excelled the most in was a "real time of epiphany for me" that was "found' at local college, NKU. With the encouragement of her writing teacher at NKU, Kaitlyn went on to write a lot of short stories/ fiction and poetry, some of which have been published in various venues before she began her own publication, and some of which she won a few honorable mentions and awards for, and although she doesn't take any success too seriously, (as she relays that these were from vanity publishers), she says that gave her a deeper sense of confidence by the mere encouragement of it alone, which was given to her by experts who would serve as mentors, shaping her own eclectic style.

Kaitlyn has spent most of her life preparing for, pursuing goals in and making eclectic and diverse contributions to - the entertainment arena as well as the publishing field. She graduated from high school with cinema and radio broadcasting to her credit as well as being on her school newspaper and magazine staff, which later expanded into editing as well and which later produced a fan-zine, street-zine newsletter that stirred up a lot of interesting support and controversy as well...

Along with that came a profound interest in the literary world - which she has spent an enormous amount of time in honing her craft in, with Poe as her favorite writer of all time. "It's Poe who first inspired me. His depth and mysterious subtext was dizzying at a younger age when it was required reading in high school and with my dad being a school teacher, he made me learn it all over again! After my English teachers drummed it into my head, he had to beat in his own version of his take on the stories and so I learned much about literature twice - from teachers and from dad. This later proved to be good for me though, because it served as a great foundation for what I later learned to appreciate from living real life and that made me a more avid reader because I lived a lot of things that later made sense to me what Poe was trying to say. And reading makes a better writer of you and being a better writer makes you want to read even more, so this is a cycle I love to go round and round in," she says, laughing a little, without hesitation or pause.

An extended, full INTERVIEW with our magazine's editor-in-chief, by Teresa Wellington for Altro Mag:

TW: Tell us about your background and a bit of history review...

With some college, but mostly self-taught, Kaitlyn likes to joke that she acquired her most significant degrees from the library, bookstores and the 'school of hard knocks': Says Kaitlyn, "Books and street knowledge make for the best-balanced experience to draw from as an artist; you learn from all kinds of sources if you let yourself be open." Her eclectic education has derived from spending time in many classrooms, in various seminars, workshops and independent courses - some at Northern Kentucky University where she studied creative writing and journalism and business and marketing classes at Southern Ohio Business College. Her versatility has seen her venture into several other educational areas, doing her best to hone her chief crafts in writing, marketing and then for good measure, tossed in many workshops along the way in filmmaking/ acting.

Primarily known as a Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky writer/journalist, editor, DJ and sales/marketing agent, acting and filmmaking is what has been the background dream which has  driven her thus far.  As an actress, she has done public access TV productions and minor movies as well as local plays and has worked with a couple of local acting coaches, but she is quick to point out that she holds no major "formal" training and few credits - or in her words, "no 'real' credits to brag about," but ironically, it's been her sales experience that has inspired her to try various things in acting. 

Says Kaitlyn, "I've always mostly freelanced my whole life - a gypsy going from writing job to editing assignment to DJ gig to marketing project to video production to something else. My life has always been one big roller coaster ride of uncertain, unpredictable events, yet they always center around things relevant to the entertainment and publishing worlds.  It's scary to work soley on commission and assignments, and thought it's risky living this 'feast and famine' way, and definitely not fun financially, it's freedom too from being someone's puppet and when you see you have the courage and the confidence to do it, it somehow all works out, regardless of the immense struggles.  I've learned so much about life in general through sales methods and business strategies -  because there's so many people-skills involved - that if I had attended a Lee Strasburg acting camp, I feel sure that I would've passed that test as well."

That vagabond lifestyle, the attitude and real-life drama were her acting coaches and her preparations thus far, and she feels lucky that she has that much.  "If you can afford acting classes, that's great, but I've seen so many trained actors become over-trained and they only perform - they're robots, so mechanical.  Real acting is about really being there in the moment - like real life - and you have to commit yourself to that space then and there, make choices in that moment, and that's too scary for some people so they turn on the 'performance button' instead and hide behind it instead of crawling into it.  I see acting as sort of like being a bee - you go down into the center of the flower to breathe in the deepest scent of it, you don't just sit there and look pretty.  Some actors are the bees in the flower and others are the bee on the flower.  I've been living inside the true space of all of my other endeavors for so long, that acting just feels like a second skin to me that I can slip into if (and when) the opportunity arises."

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