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The Editor and Publisher of Altro Perspectives and Altro Focus,  Kaitlyn Karol, has an eclectic and multi-leveled career in several creative modalities. Her vast and varied experience lies in sales/marketing, writing/editing and in producing various creative projects, including independent theater and video/film, as well as a background in voice-over and DJ work.  She also does marketing consulting and editing for various 'on the side' projects for individuals and small indie businesses.

She has been toiling away in the arts/ entertainment field since she was a teenager,  for over twenty years.  In these "many adventures", this diverse range of experience has allowed her to meet many interesting people and has given her networking opportunities in finding the necessary and appropriate business partners in which to help continue to build her company, all done on an independent basis.


When not working on further developing and establishing her publishing company and online magazine, she also occasionally works in her spare time as a freelance Editor/Proofreader and Reader/ Analyst as well as Business Consultant and Marketing Consultant.  

In other creative outlets, she is also available for hire as an actress in theater as well as in film/video.  She has also partnered with several freelance and independent companies that cater to marketing, advertising, website development and hosting, along with other creative and business consortiums that handle quality control management (QCM), editing and producing – all in print, web, and film/video production.

Over her versatile and diverse career, Kaitlyn has learned more from hands-on experience in trial-and-error performance environments that eclipsed anything she ever learned in text, which is she vows, the best way to learn.  She has shared that she has learned more from great mentors and ironically, bad mentors, who have shown her what ‘not’ to do on how to apply the varied “book knowledge” that she also acquired outside of schools, as libraries and bookstores became her next places of “study worship.” Obsessions with seminars and workshops soon followed and there was no stopping her high-level goals for greater accomplishments. 

Her career in writing began early, as straight out of high school, she began writing for small town trade journals and winning poetry contests.  Her small achievements soon blossomed into a full-time journalism career where she worked for many local and regional publications as a writer/reporter including the former Everybody’s News and The Recorder Newspapers as well asThe Kentucky Post and The Cincinnati Enquirer.  

Soon to follow the writing pen was the eraser at the end, where she thrived as an editor, working for many companies – everyone from corporate giants like Lexis Nexus, to small independent publications and marketing firms, where her multi-dimensional education has paid off quite well.  Says Karol, “Money isn’t as valuable as experience, because although money can buy you education, it can’t buy you real life experience and experience alone is worth more than money and education combined because of its longer reaping rewards.”

Most requested projects she has worked on include newsletters/ flyers, film/video, radio, cable TV and telephone sales scripts, essays, college term papers, manuscripts for books, catalogues, brochures, sales training manuals, index and inventory sheets, press releases, spec sheets/rate cards and advertisement copy. 
Some of the companies Karol has contributed to in the past include proofreading and editing CPL’s (Copy Product Labels) for national advertising campaigns and children’s products for The Wonder Group, extensive and highly detailed energy product catalogues for Dean Houston, and PSA’s and ad copy for local radio and public access cable television stations. She has also edited law books for Anderson Publishing before they became Lexus Nexus. She also helped to write and perform Voice-Over work for the former WNOP radio station, and volunteered as a DJ for the community radio station, WAIF to help support local music. 

In other venues, she has edited fiction and non-fiction manuscripts and books for independent authors as well as for Clifton Hills Publishing and conducted Sales and Marketing training, Marketing Consulting and seminar training for the former Kepp’s Marketing Group.  Some of her other business ventures have included writing sales and marketing training manuals, press releases and ad copy for independent freelancers and small business owners as well as for some independent telemarketing companies, where Karol acquired most of her early sales experience, such as the former T & P Advertising Group that she worked for straight out of high school where she managed telemarketing/ call centers in Ky.

Her first magazine release was a 'side hobby' and a "lab rat test" called The Altro Telescope, which was inserted into City Beat as a newsletter over ten years ago.  The positive feedback of that initial publishing endeavor helped her to launch the current new media versions of Altro Perspectives.

Fees: To keep our fees affordable and fair to all of our clients, we charge less than most bigger, corporate companies do and for higher quality work. Reader/ analysis fees where a client requests 'feedback' from their work are fees that fall under the same heading as more standard proofreading and editing, as this service is considered to take the same amount of time and effort. 

For more extensive editing, where the work becomes more of a type of 're-working', this job is working almost as a ghost writer where much of the text must be re-written, and the fee is higher. 

There is a reduced rate/ price break after 25 pages of any material - be it print or online. There is a deposit required upon any and all agreements to take on an assignment and that deposit is half of the total cost of assignment. We will leave you with a receipt and any confidentiality forms upon our initiation of projectthrough a first meeting. Our meeting to begin assignment/ project may be done in person or over the phone. Skype meetings online will be available in 2017. Payments may be paid in person with cash or check or taken over the phone with our ACH check-by-phone electronic payment services.

Client will be informed of the time line of turnaround time and must pay balanceof other half of payment before materials are returned with our final analysis and/ or editing.  

Cancellation policy we do enforce: So that we may serve our clients to the highest good of all  - both freelance and magazine advertisers - we require that the deposit, aka, downpayment, still be paid if a canellation of said project is made within less than 24  hours, as this short notice of cancellation inhibits our working with others. If the project is cancelled by the client at least a full day in advance, this "good faith fee" may be waived. We do this to ensure serious interest in taking our time off of our calendar and away from other paying clients. Thank you for understanding. 


A brief list of some of the many companies and MEDIA PARTNERS that Focus Media has teamed up with include the following:

the former Green Light Entertainment (acting, writing, directing, producing)

Proof Perfect Editorial Services (proofreading/editorial services)
the former Clifton Hills Publishing (books/manuscripts & editorial services)


** Several other companies are in the process of being added to this list in the near future.  Please check back periodically for updates.  If anyone would like to partner with us or hire the owner of Focus Media or any of their freelancers or partners, please send an e-m with your full request or proposal with your specific needs and ideas along with complete contact information to Kaitlyn Karol at   A returned e-m will follow along with rates, turn-over time, and other information given your request. Thank you.


The nature of our Partnerships


Partnerships act as the bridge between dreams and reality," says Kaitlyn.  "There’s no company in the world that can afford to not recognize the high-paying benefits of the cross-promotional marketplace we now live.  Even the biggest players join in great mergers.  There’s always going to be power in numbers and of course, the emotional support is the nice bonus in the payoff.”

The nature of each individual partnership is unique and separate in and of itself and may or may not be relevant to trade/barter arrangements, including radio or TV trades, or other website promotions. 


Future objectives: This list will be adding national partners over the next year in other similar PR outlets for continued exposure and cross-promotion.  All partners must agree to sign a partnership document conveying full expectations and arrangements of cross-marketing promotions.

Kaitlyn Karol’s most-requested freelance specialty is in writing witty, catchy and “fun” material such as taglines and titles for ads, calendars, and books, as well as having a penchant for the same in articles, fiction, and poetry. (For a few samples, see some ad write-ups in either Business Directory – national or local – or review her poetry or short stories in Fiction/Poetry section under Articles department or see the Table of Contents in online or print magazines).  

New update in 2017: Kaitlyn has been asked to write online dating profiles, so if you need copy written for your dating profile, contact her for details.

She also performs as an actress and is working on the development of an independent film project
 in which she will also perform, based on a screenplay she wrote.  For more information about the entrepreneur, writer/editor, please see her full bio under the About Us page or e-mail for more details if interested in hiring her for a specific creative project you have in mind.

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