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Copyright for all Altro Magazine material and initial concepts for magazine, from 1999-2014. Current copyright for this site is 2014. This website with the domain name and its current sub domain names holds a copyright of 2011 from its original publishing name and concepts all through 2014. Original online copyright for all online publishing by this magazine began with its Business and Consumer Directory in 2004 and then official e-mail blasting program in 2006.

The hybrid name of the magazine (altro) was created by the owner/ editor & publisher in 1999 and was released as a newsletter in print media for area news stands all over Greater Cincinnati and Northern Ky., with an official trademark in 2000. It is against the law to use this magazine's name or any such variances of the word 'altro' or any of its domain names without proper legal consent of owner, Kaitlyn Karol. Further, it is against the law to use any of the names or domain names (in print and/or online) associated with its affiliates of this company or other 'altro' names its above listed owner has created in any manner or form.  Those ever attempting plagiarism or plagiarizing or using the name 'altro' for business profit or creative credit in any way will be pursued to the fullest extent of the law. 

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