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What's in a Name?
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Welcome to the  website version of our seven-year old online Business Directory and improved online magazine. We are growing this updated and improved format of our online services one step at a time and it is exciting and exhilarating!  We thank our readers for inspiring us to change and expand, and helping us to continue to grow. We have something for everyone of every walk of life here at Altro Perspectives where we are one of the few media outlets left who bring you fresh journalism with integrity and purpose... 

From the St Marks Bell Tower in Italy, to the Bell Tower in Mainstrasse Village, Covington, Ky”; “from Kings Island’s Eiffel Tower in Cincinnati’s amusement park to the regal Eiffel Tower in Paris, France”we are here at the right time, at the top of our game, as the Kings and Queens of modern revolution, but also as those who serve others, helping readers connect with new and important info – including the funny, lighter fare too. Laughter is good medicine and gets us all through our days much better, and it's great to be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes, but we need to start taking our careers and our life paths more seriously.  As an unbalanced culture, we tend to do the opposite - laugh at what we do and take ourselves too seriously. In short, we need to be more ALTRO!

Here at Altro Magazine, we are intent on illustrating as well as influencing culture and subculture, proving the world smaller and more accessible than ever, through the right serio-comic, dual-dynamic approach, via the wondrous connecting of the world wide web...

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