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What's in a Name?
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On another front, education has been collapsing in America for many years now, and with that unfortunate reality, we need to return to our older-school ways of teaching too, where mediocre teachers are no longer rewarded with tenure and where we can be proud of our next generation of innovators and inventors.  So, yes, in these and other examples, ‘retro’ views and standards of living need to be upheld again.

Let us consider our transformational times in this new and young millennium: There is the organic farmer who wants the freedom to sell raw and pure food, the metaphysical healers who want a chance to show us a different spiritual path, and then there is the holistic health practitioner who promotes healing from old traditional remedies your Grandmother used, so although it may be sold as ‘new age’, it is an older tradition being rebirthed and repackaged with today's unique improvements (how great for us grandchildren now!). Then we have the avant-garde artist or the ingenuous creator like Steve Jobs for example, who moves along the pioneering fields of birthing brand new life into our sub-standard lives – and in this, we also need to honor what is fresh, daring and progressive.

From the romantic to the realistic, from the fancy and complex to the plain and simple, from the ridiculous to the sublime, we see BOTH sides of the coin, and what has crossed and what is getting ready to cross that bridge between and before us. 

As visionaries who see chapters of the future book unfolding and as historians who respect our teachers and mentors – we pay homage to what has come before us, so we can turn a new corner after crossing these strong and sometimes shaky bridges.  Unlike most media today that reports worthless and brainless gossip, that fosters fear and loses sight of proper journalistic objectivity and integrity, offering only biased one-sided perspectives, we are quite a bit different! While it is great to keep our patience and humor in the midst of drama and controversy, it is also best to not swing too far to extreme polemics of all-left or all-right views. Living on the fringes is not as glamorous as fringe-style clothing!

It is therefore, better to honor the duality concept and offer a balanced perspective – that LOST middle gray zone where the truth really resides, revealing the full perspective, not just one biased view from one radical side.  It is alright and natural to fear the unknown, but mystery is part of life's magic and courage is our beacon in the perfect storms of today’s multi-cultural perspectives. 


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