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What's the Difference Between Stews and Braises?
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Something to Stew Over!

By Leanne Ely

What hits the spot on a cold day (or any day for that matter!) better than a nice steamy hot bowl of thick beef stew? 

By definition, stew is not a dish - it's a cooking method that involves simmering meat and vegetables in a rich flavorful liquid. 

Now, Leanne, you're thinking, that sounds an awful lot like braising.

And it does (gold star for you)- there are only a couple of differences between a braise and a stew:

*    With a braise, the meat is generally left in its whole form; with stew, the meat is generally cut into pieces.
*    With stew, the cooking liquid usually covers the meat and the vegetables; in a braise, the liquid comes up to the halfway mark of the item you're cooking.

Very small differences, yes, but apparently enough to define each of them as their very own method of cooking!

What to stew...

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