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What's the Difference Between Stews and Braises?
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The best things to stew are hardy vegetables and tough cuts of meat. (Did I mention stewing is a dirt cheap way to feed your family?) 

The best protein to stew would be:

*    Oxtail
*    Pork shoulder
   Chicken thighs

You can stew fish, but you don't want to cook it very long or your fish will just cook down into a pot of mush. Sea bass, cod, halibut and shark are good options for fish stew.

And when it comes to vegetables, the following are prime candidates:

*    Potato
*    Carrot
Celery root
*    Leek
*    Cabbage
*    Eggplant
*    Tomato

Tough greens handle stewing well, too, but you might want to add them closer to the end of your cooking time. 
Kale, chard and collard greens are good in a stew.

Now, how do you stew?

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