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What Green Things Can We Do to Lower Gas Prices?
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Tired of paying almost $4 a gallon at the gas pumps?  Don't fret - there is a silver lining in the 'How High Can the Gas Prices Go' playbook...

$4 Per Gallon Gas = Energy Innovation

Why Expensive Gas Will Be

The Fuel That Drives Innovations in Alternative Energy


Long lines at the gas pump weren’t the only product of the twin energy crises of the 1970's. A legislative push toward energy conservation and innovation were also born as a result.


And that’s why one expert believes the skyrocketing price of oil will do the same at our current time and in the future.


“History has proven that innovation in the energy industry has almost always been driven by high consumer prices,” said Robert Brands, a veteran corporate executive who now consults with companies worldwide and author of Robert's Rules of Innovation( “When we had cheap and abundant oil – and low gas prices – during the 1980's, energy exploration and innovation slowed to a halt. We didn’t need it, and we didn’t see an end in sight to the steady stream of oil from the Middle East. So, investors held back funds for new technologies, oil companies stood pat and conservation became a four-letter word.”


According to the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy, more than $172 billion dollars of government money was spent on new energy technology between 1961 and 2008, with the bulk of it being used during the 1970's. In the 1980's, the spending accounted for only 1 percent of all federal investment.


Brands believes that oil companies, besieged by Congress over taking huge tax breaks amid record profit reports, could earn some much needed political points by taking history’s cue and putting some of that money back into energy innovations.

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