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Exfoliating your skin is essential any time of year, but with the summer robbing us of so much moisture due to over-expsoure to the sun, we need some extra little tips to add to the romantic fun of the season.  Plus, home-made beauty secrets can help save us money! Try some of these cool ideas for starters. 

While we are now into the heat of summer, you are probably looking for ways to enhance your appearance to lock that needed moisture into your skin as it tends to get more dry in the sun. And, yet you want to save some bucks too, so in order not to stress your skin or your wallet, think about these better and simpler beauty secrets this summer season.

Here are some fun and playful beauty tips and tricks from beauty blogger, parenting expert and TV personality Erika Katz (author of 
Bonding Over Beauty). 
Here are Erika’s at-home beauty recipes and remedies to help you enjoy your summer!

Strawberry Scrub: To get your skin in tip top shape, try a homemade exfoliating  strawberry face and body scrub using pureed strawberries, olive oil and vitamin e (can also be used for a sensual massage). 
·       Raspberry Honey Face Mask: Red raspberries contain loads of vitamin C, essential for maintaining a healthy glow. Try a mask of pureed raspberries, honey and rolled oats for moisturized, clear skin. The honey helps moisturize your skin and helps fight acne because it contains natural antibodies. (Who knew?!)
·       Rose and Honey Milk Bath: Mix milk, honey and rose oil and add to a warm bath. Sprinkle the rose petals in the water and soak.
·       Hair:
Lots of curls will give you a soft, romantic look. Hot rollers are great for all types of hair. If hair is wavy or curly, use large rollers to soften the natural curl. For straight hair, curlers can add body and bounce. Hold hair in place with a pretty head band or opt for bretts or clips clipped to the side for a sexy side sweep.

An even cooler idea: Any of these above products can be found in a drugstore, Walmart or even the super-saving Dollar General stores!


About Erika Katz:
A beauty writer as well as a former child model and actress, Erika Katz has been a beauty junkie nearly all her life. Using her experience from her days working in the beauty department at Seventeen, cosmetology classes and lessons learned through her extensive work in television and modeling.

Erika created a beauty guide that served as the foundation for Bonding Over Beauty, A Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust. From product and styling tips, such as how to create the perfect ponytail, to at home recipes for creating an organic facial scrub, Erika explores it all in her book, in which she includes her own experience as well as information from interviews with top beauty experts.

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