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Weighing in on the Hormone Balancing Scales Can be Tough, but We Push Forward...

By Sara Gottfried, (aka, 'The Reluctant Hormone Role Model')

In my virtual coaching practice, I work with women who struggle with acne, rogue hairs, painful periods, and vaginal dryness. As one woman recently put it, the challenge is "how to stay seated deeply within my being, and operate from there." I love how this woman's intention cuts across all ages, from teenagers to octogenarians. 

THC_small.jpgMy peeps are recovering from pregnancy, married, or menopausal -- and most are fighting for hormonal control. My book, The Hormone Cure is targeted towards women who seek hormonal balance, regardless of age. As a working mother who balances family life with a packed professional schedule, it's important to me for women of all ages to know that hormone balance is a worthy and achievable goal, and it's best served sooner rather than later. Don't just try to tack it on later in life. 

In fact, your hormone plan should start as early as possible. 

I have two young daughters (well, one teenager who would like us to think of her as an adult, thank you very much), and I spend a lot of time observing teenage girls. I am often reminded that self confidence and body image relates directly to how women of all ages manage their health. The concept that women aren't in control of their own bodies -- because of menstruation, hormones, or genetics -- is hurting us. 

In our culture, "hormonal" is a negative word. This bothers me. 

It also galvanizes me, rather reluctantly, to act as a hormonal role model, in the best sense of the word. I want to be a shining example of balanced hormones, self confidence, and healthy lifestyle habits... for my daughters, their friends, and women of any age who struggle to maintain equilibrium with their bodies. I'm certainly not perfect, nor do I want to be. But I agree with the woman whose words I quoted above -- let's be seated deep within our authentic being, no matter our age. That's an idea I can rally behind, and it balances my cortisol simply to breathe into the possibility. 

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