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Saluting & Supporting Local Farmers!
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What can you do to help push it forward?

The sign-up process takes just a few minutes and the time to make your statement about food is NOW!

We need to use our voice to be counted; otherwise,
we won’t be counted. is a place that your voice will be heard. That’s a guarantee. The website offers four main discovery (search) mechanisms, which not only itemizes an array of foods but also specifies quality standards to ensure the “healthy” in healthy food–#4 is my favorite.

                                                                                                                 farm_match_2.jpg - 50.91 Kb                                                                      
>bucolic beauty and a dairy oasis...!

#1 “Food Discovery”

This is where Consumers, Buying Clubs, and Restaurants can find local farmers to supply their food needs. Farmers Market managers can even search for a farmer to provide a specialty item they would like offered in their market.

#2 “Market Discovery”

The opposite of food-discovery: Farmers, in addition to other things, can now: 1) search for customers who want the food they grow; 2) search for the foods the market wants, enabling them to make informed decisions on what to grow; and 3) make confident, geographically-driven decisions for delivery locations based upon where interested consumers live.

#3 “Community Discovery”

The value of connecting with other nutritionally-minded people in one’s own community is priceless in our institutionalized food system. Prepare to connect!

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