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Saluting & Supporting Local Farmers!
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#4 “Voice Discovery”

When consumers put themselves on the FarmMatch map, they literally become activists in their own right because they are making a statement about food to the world, and their voice is heard accordingly. delivers super user-friendly, world-class, technology to the fingertips of small farmers and consumers around the globe. We have just released an e-Commerce feature that is FREE for any farmer to use. The cart terminal is equipped with super low credit card processing rates and includes an extensive business management, order, inventory and sales reporting system.

In no particular order, I respectfully thank everyone that has come forward to endorse the site: Joel Salatin, Ana Joanes, Mark Kastel, Sally Fallon Morell, Vernon Hershberger, Kristin Canty, Mark McAfee, Alvin Schlangen, Shannon Hayes, and others.

If you want to get actively involved in this project contact me directly at and say, “I want in!”

When you “put yourself on the map”, you can choose to have your name show (public) or just your city/state/zip code (private).

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