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Read a few encouraging, supportive letters from some of our readers...

"Hello Kaitlyn,
We like this online 'zine because we can find things easily and we see how well together it is laid out. It has a great look and concept and love the way the content is so easy to understand, yet it is intelligent too. We are wanting to see more - so keep it moving.  Our kids want to see more school news as this area becomes further developed. We also like that there are no pop-up ads like most sites have and that there aren't any silly distractions to keep you from reading something."
- Dan and Marey Sommers, Hyde Park

- "We saw your TRAVEL info recently and liked it and took a chance on Carlsbad!  What a great place!  We never had been before and with your page about it, we were intrigued, so we took off for spring back this year and we loved it so much, we plan to go back next spring!  Thanks for the piece you provided on it!" - Barbra & Tom Styles, West Chester, Oh 

“Dear Miss Karol, I read your Altro magazine for the first time back in 1999 when you did this concept as a newsletter-insert in our local paper, City Beat.  I’ve seen this thing grow and change over the years (cut to 2007’s color-filled glossy mag as a market ‘tester’), and even back then, I have to say, what a profound bunch of material and what a great and original mind you have as a writer/editor." - Jackie Jacobs,  Cincinnati (work) and Florence, Ky (home).

"We couldn’t believe how amazing this all looked when my family and I checked it out a few weeks ago, especially when I realized the editor/publisher also is the Artistic Director, does most of the sales and what a terrific writer she is!  The information is rich and filling but not overdone.  I like that there are no junk stories or needless superficial gossip like so many other magazines and media outlets put out - like 'blogs' for example - and they're not even magazines with professional writers and journalists like this one is. Also what is so cool about this publication is that there are no annyoying pop-up ads making you feel obligated to buy things! I have checked out your Business Directory, but it's well done - not some boring ad zone that cheapens the rest of the site. 

I used to be an editor myself over 16 years ago before moving here, and I must say, there is talent here - they have good grammar, good design layout, and pick really good topics.  I wonder though, h
ow can one woman be this super creative, do all of this and not be insane? (LOL). I support women-owned businesses however, and Kaitlyn gets the vote  here. My son wants to own his own magazine one day too and with mags like Altro, I can see he could learn a lot from them, so we will give his dream more support if he can do someting close to as nice as this."
- Shaunna P. Stevens, Cincinnati

"I’ve not seen many others have the abilities to take on a daunting task like this – run a magazine online and do it this organized and classy, esp. for here in Cincy.  I hope this magazine goes far and makes the biggest success because we need something like this to help us balance out all the mundane and boring media that keeps on getting readers for some crazy reason.  I don’t even watch or read things like I used to due to all of the choices being so over-processed and banal. I can see that Kaitlyn Karol’s plan is to obviously have a media dynasty and I for one will back that goal 100%!  She has the right ideas and the right ways of getting them out there.  Plus, I love the way the website looks – it’s not overcrowded like most websites are and it’s not silly, pretentious or unfulfilling.  When you read a tag line, the article lives up to its 'teaser' lines.  Bring on more of this!”
– Cheryl Lafferty, Park Hills, Ky.

"Love this website!  For an online magazine to be this diverse and have an emphasis placed on helping the schools out here too - by publishing their information on local good students who are doing well - this is great.  I will be cheking in from time to ttime to see what is up.  Love the pet stories and the food and health info so far - keep it coming!"
-  Donna Bradshaw, Erlanger, Ky.

"Dear Editor, I just hopped on here the other day when my sister told me about this site and I have to say - I am impressed!  I like it all - the design, the content, the way it flows and even has a themed title and message for media - very original stuff.  My daughters started checking this out and told me about it and we all have been reading a few things in it together lately.  My son thinks it's a cool publication too - he likes that it's not like a typical blog site by any means.  I will be back to read more later.  Please publish some more recipes - we are crazy for recipes over here!  We really like the one on cinnamon chicken - how cool was that?  We tried it and it turned out pretty tasty!"
- Pat Kerry, Middletown, Oh.

"Dear editor, I love this magazine!  How interesting this is - the layout of the look of it and the material is well-written, topical and always insightful. I find something new to learn here almost every month I log on.  Please keep up the good stuff you are doing.  There's not many out there anymore who have these kind of good ideas and certainly not any who know how to make those ideas come to life so well."
- Kellie Maxwell, Dayton, Oh.

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