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The flipping of duality challenges the greatest in us and among us...

Swig, Swagger, Shag & Stagger

By Kaitlyn Karol



You’re just a constant commotion

of heartless-fueled emotion,

first you swig, then you swagger,

then you shag, then you stagger

first tasting, then testing,

then chiming, clamoring and imbibing

foolish fall, juvenile call,

make a play for the painted lady’s clay

shattered pieces of pottery

now lying on the ground

but slammed and forced poverty

makes no pretty sound…

your semantic play of words,

your stares, your bottomless cries

all come to a halted fate-cursed surprise,

the feigned stop of hate, then starting at the halt,

then close up the cemetery’s last sealed vault

go love, then hate, love and hate yet again

chase all your dragons of realness to the ultimate pretend,

close up your heart like a past window

sealed up for all future winters

cold and frozen like your dreamy pillow,

head numb, cracked sleepy willow…

but the facts are all clear

and I hold them now dear,

you do know this and so do I,

you will swig, swagger,

shag and stagger

until your final good-bye

so if she wants to live,

it’s the he that must die




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