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Taking Care of our Health - Editor's Letter to the Reader
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As the editor of this magazine, I feel a strong compelling need to responsibly offer my insights to the health-conscious consumer who is looking for ways to improve their health, but choose to do so realistically and not with unreasonable expectations or lack of wisdom...


Health Care - The Most Vital Priority We Must Yield Ourselves To

Dear health conscious reader,

Health care should by all means, be the most important priority in our lives, for without it, we cannot enjoy the quality of life that we deserve to be able to live. This is why it is especially vital to be always and completely health-conscious, label-reader savvy when grocery shopping, and on top of our A-game when we visit the doctor.  Our bodies will talk to us and we should always take the time to listen.

In our health section of this magazine, we encourage the reader to take out the time to realize that words like 'natural' or 'chemical' are not strong enough words to form an opinion based solely on that description, as there are natural and synthetic chemicals and there are products that have a couple of natural ingredients in them, yet not enough to label the product as  'natural' or even 'organic'. 

The USDA organic label, though helpful in most situations, is to be regarded with some skepticism due to the fact that a product may include some organic ingredients, but ALL of that product's ingredients may not be 100% purely organic.  The label can be legally used by food manufacturers who have met some standards to be able to use the organic label. 

Usually, on the ingredient panel, the organic ingredients are typically marked with an asterick for clear identification purposes.  
As always best advised, read, read and read again before making food and medicine choices for you and your family.

The reader will further embrace the fact that even foods are considered medicine and all foods, even in their most pure, natural state, are made up of chemicals. 

Many of us fail to understand or take into consideration that all medicines - be they prescription drugs or herbals - originate from some sort of flower or plant and that all medicinals, regardless of their source, have various chemical structures and compounds and therefore, will have different affects on everyone as some people are sensitive or allergic to even the natural source.  A good example of this is when someone has eye or nose allergies to certain spring flowers.

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