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Pam Rettig - Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky's Life Coaching Expert - offers workshops/ classes for those dealing with forgiveness issues and it changes their lives!

Cincinnati/ Northern Kentucky Life Coach Pam Retting, offers classes/workshops throughout the year.  Some of these workshops help us to learn about the process and pathway to healing our lives in ways we never considered.  For example, we all wrestle from time to time with the issue of forgiveness. Sometimes a person has wronged us and sometimes we hold on to that dark energy – or dead weight as if it were an albatross around our necks, and by not letting go of this pain we hold in our hearts and in our very cells – we can end up finding our physical health affected or other areas of our lives negatively impacted or unfulfilled. Since our bodies, hearts and minds are all connected, everything is affected as part of a domino dynamic. 

Under these unfavorable circumstances, we need to learn to let go and stop holding on to past conflicts that we tend to recreate for ourselves through habits and patterns that can eventually lead to a serious life crisis, as little problems have a snarly way of becoming layered and skyrocketing to a gargantuan tower of upheavals.  Instead of unresolved anger pulling and breaking us down, what we need is a break-through!

If you’re dealing with blocked emotional issues that have left you in dead zone, a melt down or a ‘blank space’ where unresolved anger or resentment has prevented you from forgiving someone, these workshops are the right place to begin the process of laying your issues to rest.
Rettig has been a positive thinker all her life; for her, the glass is half full.  Her experience in both the corporate world and her business proved to her that people’s “negative emotions/thinking” act as blockages to their success and happiness.  Through all her studies and life experience, Pam has become convinced that eighty percent of the health issues and all negative emotions we experience are simply messengers telling us that we must release blockages that are in our way.

If you’ve read about Pam Rettig’s Life Coaching in our Heath Dept. (see link here), or you want to sign up for any of classes or do one-on-one therapy, see this link here), then you know what lies ahead for your time with her and the types of things she helps people understand about their stressful lives and how to handle the life challenges we all face daily.  Here is some more info about the kinds of benefits others have experienced in their success through working with Pam…

By the time the first set of four classes are completed, the participants walk away having:
•         Identified blockages they were unaware of.
•         Discovered how negative thinking has been in the way of them manifesting.
•         Released a number of different blockages with several different tools.
•         Received group support toward moving forward with their careers.
•         Learned how to think “outside the box.”
•         Realized how much more power they have when working out of positive energy.
•         Understood in a deeper way how important forgiveness is.
•         Understood how un-forgiveness can block manifesting.
•         Made new friends who can continue supporting each other after classes end.
•         Arrived at a better understanding of Self/Higher Self.
•         Glimpsed the true blessings that accompany living out of our Higher Self.
•         Experienced fun exercises that champion efforts toward manifesting.
•         Learned that part of manifesting includes using one’s heart and actions to    make this world a better place.

Begin spring by allowing yourself a gift of attending four classes that will change your life.  Call today as there is an 8-person limit.  The classes take place on Mondays, bi-weekly, starting at 7:00 PM at Pam’s office.  The cost is $120 ($30/class) if paid up front or $35 per class.  The classes build on each other so it is very important to make plans to attend all four classes.  To make reservations or ask questions, call 859-512-7600.

Check back periodically for certain events and workshop dates where Pam will take you on a new journey to self which all begins here at


Below are also some client testimonials on Pam’s work and classes/ workshops.  See what many happy clients and participants of Pam’s classes have had to say..

• “I decided to invest in myself: The Manifesting Class I with Pam Rettig is, bar none, the very best investment I've made all year! Even after the first class, I gained the confidence to move forward with gusto in my business. Pam has a way of attracting a dedicated, responsive group and teaching us how to remove the blocks to manifest our true wants & needs.” – Becky

• “I enjoyed all 4 sessions of Pam’s Manifesting class immensely.  The classes were inspiring, informative and fun!  Forgiving others was a part of the class, but while practicing the Ho’Oponopono for others, I was the one who experienced changes and blessings within me.  Also, my vibration and energy level increased significantly during these sessions, providing new and clearer insights to me through the tapping sessions.  I am definitely looking forward to the next series of classes with Pam.” – Kathy

• “I just completed the 4th Manifesting class with Pam Rettig and 7 other positive and uplifting people.  I feel that my life has been so enriched by this experience.  I intend to complete the next set of 4 classes.  By attending these classes in a safe and positive atmosphere, I felt secure in addressing issues that were blocking my progress.  By listening to other positive and wonderfully enlightening people, I felt that I gained great insight into how everyone experiences blockages imposed on them in different ways. I always had a feeling of peace and wellbeing after attending this class. It was so comforting knowing that everyone left this class feeling good.  If you have not experienced one of these classes with Pam, you need to sign up right away.  Your life will be forever changed in such a positive way.  Thank you, Pam, for being such a positive light in my life”. - Marta


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