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Q and A with Northern Ky Life Coach/ Counselor Pam Rettig
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Overcoming life’s obstacles and undertaking new challenges with Northern Ky Life Coach Pam Retting, one step at a time…


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We are excited to get to talk with Northern Kentucky certified life coach, Pam Rettig of Well Being & Abundance in a one-on-one Q and A interview.  She engages with us in a lively conversation about her work, how much she loves what she does and how she can help anyone out there who needs her type of help in 'overcoming' obstacles and understanding how to cope with and sort through our constant challenges.
ALTRO MAG:  What kinds of new services or products are you launching this year? Anything specialized about your offers? What is your most unique service you offer?
PAM RETTIG: The four services I use most with one-on-one clients are coaching, EFT (which is Emotional Freedom Technique, and this involves what is called 'tapping'), Matrix Re-imprinting and NLP; however, I have other certifications.  I offer small groups at my office and on conference calls for people who cannot afford one-on-one sessions.  I have different group tapping themes like grief, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, pain relief, etc. and charge only $20 a person.  I do the Commanding Wealth Circles weekly at my office, on conference calls, in people’s homes or offices.
ALTRO: Tell us a little about the type of customers you usually attract and if you have any funny or interesting “best customer” or “favorite customer” story and why…
PR: My favorite client is one who is serious about digging into the work … who is ready to walk out of bondage into freedom.  A person who values herself enough to spend some money on getting help with letting go of old programming so they can live in peace and happiness.
ALTRO: What has been your greatest accomplishment or biggest success story?
PR: A woman came to me who was on 9 medicines for fibromyalgia.  After working with her weekly for 9 months, she was able to get off all 9 medicines.
ALTRO: With your own background in struggling with many of the same issues your clients face, you obviously have a lot of empathy.  Do you think this less clinical approach helps serve most people better?
PR: I give my clients a sense that we are in this together. I think I offer my clients forgiveness, which allows them to consider committing to change.

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