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Cut your beauty maintenance time in half by having permanent makeup done.  It's one of the best investments you can ever have in your beauty arsenal!


Mona Lisa's Permanent Makeup and Training Center, where "beauty is an art"…tells us how artistically lovely your face can be with a little help from Ramona Lisa, shop’s owner, aka, ‘Mona’


A BIT OF BACK STORY ON ‘MONA LISA’S’…A beauty shop in the Greater Cincinnati area owned by a Ramona Lisa Abner, is the real deal – a place for beauty at its best and highest level and in every dimension. Says head artist and owner of shop for 13 years now, “Everyone has always called me Mona Lisa from my name being Ramona Lisa. And after learning the real, first original Mona Lisa  had no brows or lashes, I decided to name my permanent makeup business ‘Mona Lisa’s'. I continue to go to advance training centers for my ongoing education, in order to keep up with the latest technology. I got interested in the business after having permanent makeup done on myself and loved it so much that I felt like it was a much needed business that could be offered to many others.”

What is this shop’s most unique selling proposition, and how safe is it to have these procedures done? Mona tells us that she takes pride in offering her clients the safest, newest permanent makeup procedures, using the best machines, pigments, and numbing that's available. Says Mona Lisa, “I am a C.P.C.S. (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Specialist) as well as a permanent makeup instructor and am governed by the board of health. I'm very serious and strict on using disposable where I can, and keeping all equipment cleaned with antibacterial solutions.  And when teaching others this art, I emphasize all these requirements.”

 mona_lisa_eyebrows_b4.jpg - 15.23 Kbsparse brows, before<           
>gorgeous after with perm. makeup...!
        mona_lisa_eyebrows_after.jpg - 15.33 Kb

CLASSES to learn the art…?

Mona Lisa's is now offering an apprenticeship program for those who can't afford the class. Says Ramona Lisa, “I will begin hiring other permanent makeup technicians from this program. Permanent makeup is an ever growing career.  More and more clients are wanting these life changing procedures.”

What is the demographic or customer type who wants to have permanent makeup applied to their skin? Most clients are 30 and older. With several of the older ones stating this is their "first tattoo."

Biggest Accomplishments: One of the best accomplishments for me was the lady that had gone through breast cancer and all that it entails.  She could not afford areola tattooing, so I did it for her, pro-bono. She had this huge smile with tears as she admired her beautiful "tattoo".

Where do you see your shop in the future? Most all women will want permanent makeup.  With the hiring of permanent makeup technicians, I would like to franchise or open several more locations.

What makeup procedure is becoming more requested or more popular? I personally love doing all permanent makeup procedures.  Eyeliner is still the most popular with more and more clients requesting the thicker designer eyeliner.

Ramona Lisa tells us that when her clients call, they mostly want to know....
Does it hurt?  How much does it cost? How long does the procedure take?  How much down time? I answer: "I perform procedures using the closed-eye method.  Your eyes are always closed, unlike some technicians that still use the open-eye method.  I explain that after a quick consultation, and then before photos, I will prepare the site with a topical that will pre-numb the area for about 20 minutes. I then will begin the implantation of color and with the continuation of using a numbing agent.  The entire process usually takes less than an hour with very little down time.  Many clients return back to work the same day.

COSTS -- varies, with the eyeliner and lip liner stating at $375.00. Brows, filled-in or hair strokes are $475.00. All Mona Lisa's procedures include one free touch-up for free if needed.  I welcome any questions or comments and would like to suggest that you need to do a complete background check when choosing your technician.

*For more details, see their website at


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