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Paris, Kentucky is just as fun and holds as great an adventure for tourists as any found in the romantic city of France, but you will see a lot more horses and find the enviornment more down-to-earth....!


Paris Ky tourism/ Paris Ky travel getaways
and Bourbon County vacations


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Bourbon County was the fifth county created in the Kentucky territory of Virginia. It was formed from Fayette County in 1785 by the Virginia Legislature. The economy was and continues to be agricultural in nature. Early crops of hemp, corn and wheat were followed by tobacco, livestock and bluegrass seed. The Bourbon County Courthouse houses in its interior a dome with painted murals which depicts the crops of 100 years ago. Many visitors enjoy a visit to this beautiful building which was completed between 1902 and 1905. It is located in the Courthouse Square at the end of Main Street in Downtown Paris.


The production of bourbon whiskey was also an important part of the local economy. At one time there were over one hundred distilleries in the county, but prohibition led to its demise. 


The City of Paris, settled in 1789, was originally known as Hopewell. The town was located on the old buffalo trace to the Ohio River, which became the Lexington-Maysville Road. A year later, the name of the town was changed from Hopewell to Paris. This was in appreciation for the aide of France in the Revolution.


Paris-Bourbon County Tourism Information...Some fun highlights:

Horses — Bourbon County is proud to be known as the Thoroughbred Capital of the World! Host to some of the most beautiful horse farms in the world, Bourbon County is known for its thriving equine industry.

Horse Farms— Check out some of these beautiful farms for a private tour!

  *Siena Farm:

  * Runnymede Far:

  * Adena Springs Farm:


 History— Bourbon County is proud to be home to Kentucky’s oldest continuously owned Thoroughbred farm in addition to some of the world’s most state-of-the-art equine facilities. The legendary Secretariat was one of many historic horses to call Paris and Bourbon County home. Dozens of other storied retired racehorses also currently live in Bourbon County. Be sure to explore many of our picturesque equine farms to see such racing legends up close

Downtown —

"The Downtown Paris Main Street Program is dedicated to promoting the City of Paris, community organizing, the design of Main Street, and economic restructuring. With over $6 million being invested through public and private partnerships in the last three years alone, our downtown is thriving! Make our vibrant Main Street one of your first stops when visiting Bourbon County!"

Bourbon County —

Don’t just visit the City of Paris but also enjoy other treasures throughout historic Bourbon County! Bourbon County is home to beautiful horse farms, expansive golf courses, one of Kentucky’s oldest drive-in theaters and so much more!


Brief History —Bourbon County is the remnant of what was previously a much larger Bourbon County, established as part of Virginia in 1785, and comprising what are now thirty-four modern Kentucky counties. The area later became known as Old Bourbon in reference to its historical expanse. It was originally part of the French province of Louisiana, then after 1763 became part of Virginia, but was transferred to the newly formed Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1792. The county is best known for its historical association with bourbon whiskey and the equine industry.

Outlying cities to visit:

Cane Ridge: (; Centerville, Clintonville, Little Rock, Millersburg, North Middletown, Ruddles Mills

Other Attractions:

*Reed Valley Orchard:
* Houston Oaks Golf Course: 


Dining —Paris is known for its flavorful, local cuisine. With over a dozen restaurants on Main Street alone, there is an option for everyone!

In downtown, there are great places such as Pleasanton Goods, Paradice Cafe, Clay's Downtown Restaurant and Lili's Coffee House. There's also Bour-Bon, Rooster Brew, and Thyme Cafe

There are also tons of fast food places for those on the 'go' between all the sight-seeing and busy-day adventures - including Arby’s and Dairy Queen all the way to Hardee’s and pizza parlors like Papa John’s and Little Caesar’s.  International foods are a plenty as well such as: Perico’s Mexican Restaurant, Great Wall Chinese and Riviera Maya Bar & Grill

Stay in one of these lovely places:

Country Charm Historic Farm House B&B (,
Treehouse at Stoner Creek B&B( 


See their website for more info:

Check out their FB page at




























































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