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Florence Ky Urgent Care - Health Issues Treated Right Away! PDF Print E-mail

When your health issue is less than a super serious emergency but urgent enough to irritate you until you find a solution to your problem, you may want to visit an Urgent Care facility.


Florence Urgent Care – For Your Most Pressing Health Matters, Come See Us! (Northern Ky urgent care/ Florence Ky urgent care facilities)


This Urgent Care in Florence is conveniently located in Northern Kentucky and has a friendly staff and pleasant family atmosphere that helps to ease your worries and makes you more comfortable in a caring medical establishment.

Q & A

Some basic FAQ’s may help assist you in your curiosities about Urgent Care of Florence Ky…


When should I visit Florence Urgent Care?

If you need immediate treatment for a non-life threatening condition that does not require hospitalization and intensive care. Also, if you are between family doctors or trying to find a new physician, and in this absence of a regular doctor for you or your family, we can fill that void with our medical staff.  There’s always a doctor available during our 12-hour-per-day time that we’re open.  Hours are always found on our website. We provide professional, affordable, state-of-the-art care to anyone who needs us.


What kinds of health issues do you treat?

We offer a full wide range of medical services to our local community – sprain ankles, bladder/ UTI infections, cuts, injuries, common cold or flu illness or even STD’s to name a few examples. See our website link below under SERVICES for more info on this.


Will my insurance be accepted at Florence Urgent Care?

YES, we accept most major insurance plans including Medicaid, Tricare, and Medicare. In fact, many plans offer lower co-pays for Urgent Care visit compared to ER visit.


What happens after I leave Florence Urgent Care?

• You will be notified of all follow-up procedures, including the need to contact your family physi­cian.

• If you do not have a family physician, we are happy to give you a referral.

• You will be contacted with the result of any abnormal lab work or x-rays.

• With your permission, a copy of your medical records will be forwarded, when requested, to your physician.


Do you offer the flu shot during cold and flu season and if so, how much is the cost? Yes – we offer a 3 in 1 flu shot for only $15!


Directions: Facility is conveniently located in the heart of Northern Kentucky, only 0.3 miles away from I-75 exit181(Florence/Burlington exit) at the corner of KY 18 and Houston Road.


 From I-75 North

* Head north on I-75 N/I-75 N toward Exit 180

* Take exit 181 for KY-18 toward Burlington/ Florence

* Turn left at Burlington Pike/KY-18 W

* Take the 3rd right onto Fuller St


From I-75 South

* Head south on I-75 N/I-75 N toward Exit 181

* Take exit 181 for KY-18 toward Burlington/ Florence

* Turn right at Burlington Pike/KY-18 W

* Take the 3rd right onto Fuller St


Contact Info:

8820 Bankers Street Florence, KY 41042

Phone: (859) 647-9101





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