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The eco-friendly company Essante Organics shares how they went green and how you, the consumer, can benefit from a more toxic-free planet...


Essante Organics – Green-Friendly, Eco-responsible Company

Brings Toxic-Free Products to the Consumer


The problem: The average person applies & absorbs 120-200 toxic chemicals before 9 am., just by taking a shower. Companies are legally allowed to use cheap toxic ingredients in personal care products to boost their profits, even though many ingredients are known neurotoxins & carcinogens.  

The solution: Be above average with Essanté Organics.  Essanté Organics educates the global community on the importance of using 100% certified organic, Toxic Free™, & wild-crafted ingredients. Plus, proceeds from every purchase go to charities that assist people & animals in need. Thanks for making a difference. And if you're interested in promoting these products online, inside the fastest growing economic sector on earth with green organic living, join them. The world is only going green once, the demand is high, and they welcome positive partners. 

What they stand For: Essanté Organics' holds the highest sourcing and selection standards. They promote the importance of using 100% certified, raw, organic, wild crafted, non-GMO, toxic-free, and alkaline ingredients and ecologically sound harvesting practices.  They validate their ingredients and products through independent, third party certifiers. If an ingredient does not pass their strict criteria, at any stage, from the agricultural level to the final inspection process, it is rejected.  Once each ingredient is approved, the end result is a superiorly pure, safe and highly effective product.  These products do not harm people, animals or the planet. They guarantee you will be extremely proud of every product that is produced. The end result is always a product people are both compelled to use and promote.

Organic Ingredient vs. Organic Product Certifications: Most organic certifications are issued per ingredient. Some organic certifications are issued per product (these are displayed on the product label) including: the USDA Organic Certification, Clemson University Organic Certification, Vermont Organic Farmers Certification, the ToxicFree Certification and others. Enjoy reading the details on both the ingredient and product certifications.

To see all the info here on these certificates, click here:

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