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Personalizing Your Gifts - Great, Affordable & Unique Gift Ideas For the Holidays! PDF Print E-mail

Some of our readers have sent me e-mails requesting more unique and different shopping ideas that they can also access online when they don't have time to travel on foot in the holiday hustle-bustle madness, so here is one great idea for ya!

 personalize_your_items_guitar_picks.jpg - 38.93 Kb



    The true, more genuine, thoughtful gift: The Personalized Gift!

Unique, specialty items that make great personal gifts - affordable & long-lasting. When you want unique, convenient online shopping at the last minute, you have Personalize Your Gifts! 


Tired of sending or receiving bad gifts every year for Christmas or birthdays? So many of us tend to develop anxiety around gift-giving times of the year and we panic at the thought of buying or opening another obligatory and boring gift.  We can all relate when we keep telling our friends and family to STOP buying us things we don’t need or re-gifting us with products that someone else used up and now it’s ours and it’s not our style or color or size!  Well, don’t fret and don’t regret!  There is a more simple solution for all of us and one that is quite affordable and whether it's for any gift-giving occasion - Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, anniversaries, graduations, etc...  

        personalized guitar picks...               personalize_your_items_guitar_picks.jpg - 38.93 Kb

When new year’s rolls around and so many of us are running around like crazy returning gifts, and then asking our gift bearers to please just give us cash instead, why not take that new cash present and visit Personalize Your Items? 

See online store at where you can create your own unique products or items that will not only be personal to you or your loved ones but something that will last and stand the test of time!

Says owner Teresa Martin of Personalize Your Items, “We started out in screen printing and we began to acquire more and more equipment over time and then felt like we should grow it, so we did. We have enjoyed such great responses from our many customers all over the country. 

We have so many different things for sale that are unique to people and that can be made even more unique and personal with engravings printed on them or photos placed on them. We have everything from coffee mugs to even guitar picks!  Those are selling great right now and we have so many orders on this one item alone – and we didn’t even expect that this would go over so well but it did!”

Some of their more popular items also include dominos, car coasters, key chains and custom-photo t-shirts.  What’s so convenient about this website is that anyone anywhere can use their easy-to-navigate site and use their software system inside the site to check on your proof after you upload your images or ideas you want to be displayed on your item. 

     inscribe your own romantic message or quote a famous poem or
                  personalize_your_items_pic_frame.jpg - 33.77 Kb

You may order online anytime, 24 and 7 inside their online shopping cart. Turnaround time is great too: Your order is shipped out in 1-3 business days and you will receive the order within 5-7 business days. 

See their website link above or their FB page here at

Not just for Christmas, but Personalize Your Items will also do wedding favors or party themes for you – just contact them anytime for your order.  This is your one-stop shop for unique, personalized gifts for every occasion and all kinds of gifts including Valentine's Day, weddings and anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, baby showers and much more!

EDITOR'S CHOICE: I have used this service myself and it is such a unique and fun online store to find the most interesting, rare gifts. If you need to buy someone a gift for any occasion - birthday, wedding, holiday time, etc., this is a great place to go! The quality of the products and the decent prices are very attractive. Instead of buying your loved ones boring cliched gifts from Walmart, give this a try! - Kaitlyn Karol

*This holiday season, why not buy a more special type of gift for the special people in your life?  It would be much more memorable! Instead of the obligatory, standard, generic gift, try a ‘personalized’ gift...

Send a gift this holiday season that offers a sense of originality, longevity, a 'forever' gift that won't be passed out later to another as a 're-gift' that bears no personal thought!


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