This brokenness of dissociation inside their own mind begins a vicious repetitive cycle whereby they disconnect with themselves and as a result, disconnect with others, thus, causing them to disconnect further with themselves. 

This splitting and fragmentation of the real self and the false self leads to them living a double life or possessing ‘two faces’ which creates all other identities that leads to a deeper sense of an unstable identity, hence the popular reference to the old movie, ‘The 3 Faces of Eve’. 

These videos below help to educate and enlighten about how you can spot, understand and prevent narcissism in your own life – whether within yourself or how to break away from relationships with narcissistically abusive people.

This is Psychology Professor Sam Vaknin on how disassociation shatters the true self which leads to emptiness and how narcissists are really “the true zombies of the world”. He discusses further how total narcissistic behavior of the false self imitates the true self:

Here is Empowerment Life Coach Tamie M Joyce on how to handle the evil-minded narcissist by using what is called ‘the grey rock method’. Full details on this method that many of you have heard of but never got full info yet on this. Great and insightful info can be found in Tamie’s series of videos:

Kevin of YT channel, ‘Royal We’ tells us how to STOP or avoid narcissism and narcissistic relationships by understanding these 3 basic human relationship interactions which most of us have been misunderstanding:

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