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Anna Bey’s Fashion Tips

Internet influencer and finishing school expert, Anna Bey, knows not only how to be fashionable, but she is an expert on etiquette, which is much classier than most of the 'super' models of today!

How Your Alexa or Siri is Spying on You…What Does This Mean For Your Future?

Heads up on facts: No longer a 'conspiracy theory' as this news turned out to be proven true in more ways than one! Here is Part I of a series we started many years ago and are now continuing with some updates on how a 'live house' talks to you. But let us ask you first – do you think your home needs to be conscious’?


With all of the various ways to communicate now, is it any wonder we have lost our footing when we write each other in this digital age?  No worries though – take these tips and you should be passing the texting test!

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